Human Resources

Devolution framework/

HR&OD Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)


The devolution of HR services and professional resources to divisions and some large and distinctive (in terms of workforce profile) directorates, is intended to empower those areas to develop their own distinctive people strategies to facilitate the achievement of divisional/directorate objectives. 

Devolved HR professionals will offer advice and expertise based on an in-depth understanding of the relevant Division/Directorate’s context, aspirations, staffing and challenges and will be partners in joint problem solving with divisional colleagues. 

The local management and physical presence of dedicated HR professionals will ensure that services are joined up and prioritised to meet divisional/directorate needs, and that they can respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of Divisions/Directorates by virtue of their location and proximity to divisional/directorate planning and decisions.

HR services at University-level will be focused on overall HR strategy, policy development, setting professional standards and ensuring that the highest-level HR risks facing the University are anticipated, identified and managed.  Divisional HR Managers are trusted partners in the delivery of this strategy and any issues that may arise will be handled supportively and in the knowledge that the maintenance of mutual trust is key to empowerment and the ongoing success of devolution and joint working.

Underpinning this model is a commitment to the University remaining a single employer in terms of its values, standards and consistency of employment practice.


The devolution framework (MoU) for HR&OD will be available here shortly.



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