Employee Apprenticeships Toolkit

An Apprenticeship can be demanding and challenging but they are also very rewarding.  Most importantly an Apprentice needs to be supported, mentored and developed throughout the programme.

Learning and Organisational Development have created this tool kit to be used by Apprentice, Mentor and Manager for guidance, information and support. L&OD will monitor all Apprenticeship activity, please complete the form that reflects your current needs or requirement, if you have any questions please do contact the team ldev@kent.ac.uk.

Apprenticeship Tool Kit

  1. Checklist for supporting an Apprentice
  2. Mentor’s Guide
  3. Guide to the off the job training
1 6 Week Review The first six weeks are critical to ensure the Apprentice, Mentor and training provider have started the programme successfully.  Please use the checklist in the tool box, after the 4-6 weeks completed the first progress review then send it with 7 days to ldev@kent.ac.uk. Sharepoint form
2 Progress Reviews Use the review form to submit progress reviews for the apprentice Sharepoint form
3 Notification of Change to Apprentice It is important to keep Apprenticeship Central Support updated with any changes to meet the requirements of the Levy funding, complete the form below so we can update our records Sharepoint form
4 Request for Support From time to time you may have questions, challenges or concerns that you would require additional support from the Apprenticeship Central Support, complete the form below and will be in contact to discuss your requirements further. Sharepoint form
5 End Point Assessment

As the learner progresses through an Apprentice Standard, you need to be planning for the End Point Assessment.

At the Gateway stage, the Apprentice with their Manager/Mentor and the training provider must agree that the Apprentice has reached competency and is fully prepared for the End Point Assessment.
Prior to booking the End Point Assessment, approval must be gained from the Employee Apprenticeship Manager using the online forms below.

1. Request Approval from EAM to book EPA
2. Notify EAM of date booked for EPA
3. Notify EAM outcome of the EPA
4. Notify EAM of EPA resit booked

Submit a new form for each activity.

Sharepoint form
6 Request for Break in Learning and Return to Work There may be a need to support the learner with a break from learning, should this exceed 3 weeks, a request for a break in learning can be made. Complete the form below to request the break and to inform us when they are returning back to work. The Duration of the break will be added to the planned end of learning to ensure they have the same amount of time to achieve Sharepoint form