Employee Apprenticeships Recruiting an Apprentice

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Recruiting an Apprentice Information Pack

The application process for Apprentices is the same process that is used when recruiting normally to Kent. There are some additions and amendments that are appropriate for new employees applying to Kent that want to undertake the Apprenticeship as part of the post.

Below is the list of guidance and support document you will need.

Additional Information

  • The resourcing team will support you in addition Loretta Izod, your Employee Apprenticeship Manager will also be able to give advice and guidance throughout the recruitment and Apprenticeship programme.
  • Eligibility for Levy funding has clear criteria, so when an advert goes out on our recruitment system for a role that is linked to an Apprenticeship, additional questions are added (as set out below) to ensure applicants are eligible. This is then checked again during interview using document 028.

Include “killer questions”

  • Please confirm that you have been a UK resident, with the right to work in the UK, for the past 3 years
  • Will include all the usual pre-application questions re disability and so on

General application questions (free text answers)

  • Why have you chosen to apply for this position at Kent that includes an Apprenticeship?
  • Please outline any work experience or skills you have that you think would be relevant for the Apprenticeship you are applying for – where appropriate please include examples from your work or life experience
  • Please outline why you think you would be suitable for this Apprenticeship, including details around your interest in digital media/marketing
  • Please could you confirm if you are in receipt of any funding with another Further or Higher education organisation (please answer either “not applicable” or provide details and dates of your funding)

Entry Criteria

As applicant will not meet the essential criteria, until they complete the Apprenticeship standard, the recruiting manger will need to agree the entry criteria for the Apprenticeship post. For example for a digital marketer post:-

  • Educated to GCSE English or maths or equivalent
  • Previous experience in a clerical role within a customer facing service environment Good IT skills, particularly Microsoft Office packages
  • Experience/knowledge of using social media platforms and creating webpage content