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Hybrid Working Scheme

The Hybrid Working Scheme ( HWS) launched in June 2021, with the first hybrid working arrangements taking effect from September 2021. The scheme enables professional services staff on a UK contract of employment to apply to work remotely for part of the working week. Full details of the scheme and guidance for staff and managers can be found by clicking on the links below. A full review of the scheme was conducted in spring/summer 2022 by the HWS Review Panel, informed by feedback received from a wide range of stakeholders across the University.

The University remains absolutely committed to facilitating greater flexibility for staff where possible, to improve work-life balance. Hybrid working is unfortunately not operationally viable for some staff, due to the nature of their roles, but it’s important that no grades of staff feel that they are automatically barred from applying to the scheme due to their grade (as opposed to the nature of the work they do). The University will also be establishing a separate project to explore other ways of introducing more flexibility into working practices for campus-based staff for whom hybrid working isn’t operationally viable.

You can access the full report on the Spring/Summer 2022 review here - HWS Review Report 2022     

Guidance and documents for staff


  • Hybrid Working Scheme Application Guide
  • To access the HWS Application Form, please log on to Staff Connect and go to the “My Forms” drop-down tab in the left hand menu.  Click on the link for Hybrid Working Scheme.
  • Hybrid Working Self-Referral Form This is only to be used if you are seeking an OH assessment that you have a disability for which funded DSE equipment would constitute a reasonable adjustment.  Please see the HWS Application Guide.

Setting up a remote workstation

This section provides information on how staff may obtain furniture they need to set up a suitable workstation at their remote working location if, following completion of their Remote Working/DSE Risk Assessment Checklist as part of the HWS application, they conclude they do not have suitable furniture.

Note that, except in the case of reasonable adjustments to accommodate a disability, staff will need to fund any furniture or ancillary equipment they need for their remote workstation themselves.  The University has secured some discounts from existing suppliers, please see details in the attachments below.

Please see the attached guidance from Occupational Health on what to look out for when selecting suitable furniture: OH Guidance on Home DSE Set-Up

The Broadstock Home-Working catalogue is available here. The prices listed in the catalogue include a 52% reduction on normal prices for University of Kent staff.


A limited number of items are available at no charge to staff via  warpit.

This is an online facility where you can view and request surplus furniture from across the University.  The selection and availability of Warp-It items changes weekly and it will operate on a “first come first served” basis.

To use Warp-It, you will first need to register to set up an account.  Please note that you should register using your University of Kent office location, not your home address.

Items available for remote working purposes are listed under the Personal Use tab. Note that these items can only be claimed for individual staff-related use and not for resale or bulk claims.   If you are successful in securing one of these items, it will be your responsibility to arrange transport to take it home.  You will become the owner of the item and do not need to return it to the University.  Please note that the University is not liable for any replacement or damages incurred, either during transport or use, in respect of items obtained in this way – see the terms and conditions on the Warp-It site.

Items listed under the Your Organisation tab should not be taken home or off campus for remote working.  These items remain University property and are for use by colleagues across the University.

Frequently Asked Questions

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