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Redundancy and Redeployment

The University recognises that the requirements of the organisation may necessitate changes involving redundancy from time to time.

The requirement to redeploy staff may arise due to redundancies, organisational change and the non-renewal of fixed term contracts, as well as reasons connected to individual employees. The University wishes to retain the skills, knowledge and experience of its staff wherever possible and recognises the benefits of redeploying staff to ensure their continued career elsewhere in the University.

Any Head of School or Department considering implementing changes which may involve redundancy or redeployment situations should review the relevant policies and procedures and contact their designated HR Business Partner for further guidance.

In the unfortunate event of having to make staff redundant, the School/Department must ensure they act in accordance with all relevant legislation and the University’s policies, Statutes and Ordinances.

The Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) have produced some useful guidance for Universities to help them conduct an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) to assist in the analysis of the impact of proposed restructures and/or redundancy exercises on different groups of staff and where applicable students.

Your HR team can assist you in ensuring that a thorough EIA is carried out as proposals for change are developed. Please remember that the University has a specific responsibility as part of its Public Sector Duties to ensure this is done.


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