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Recruitment Procedures

Each recruitment campaign requires one person from the department to make key decisions and lead the process in liaison with the relevant Resourcing Adviser - this person is designated as Chair of the panel. Guidance on the Role of Chair of the Panel can be found here and is applicable for all the recruitment processes outlined below.

International Staff Appointments

In pursuance of the University’s Internationalisation Policy and the result of greater globalisation of academic pursuit, increasing numbers of instances are arising that propose the engagement of individuals, whether UK-based or overseas-based, to work outside the UK or for overseas nationals to work in the UK. Please contact your relevant Resourcing Adviser to discuss the current requirements related to this, prior to beginning any recruitment. you can also find further information here.

Search Committee

Generally we are able to fill the majority of the roles that we recruit to without too much difficulty whilst working within the parameters of the processes that we use on a daily basis. There are, however, occasions when it is not possible to recruit easily to a vacancy. Examples of this might be a very technical or specialised role that requires a specialised/tailored recruitment approach and process and/or that the University has identified the need for an individual who will make a significant contribution to the Institutional Plan where immediate high performance will be key.

In some cases, there are very specialised/technical roles where a clear skills shortage is known in the market, and it may well prove prudent to establish a Search Committee at the outset of the recruitment process, rather than adopting the standard recruitment methods first. Further information here.

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