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Recruitment Policy and Procedures

The University’s ability to attract and recruit the best people we can is fundamental to our success and long term future. A strategic, professional approach to recruitment is essential to ensuring the best candidate is appointed.

New recruitment system to replace i-Grasp

As part of the Staff Connect Phase 2 project, the current staff recruitment system, i-Grasp, will be replaced and a new system will go live on 6 March 2019.

For more information on the new system and what this means for hiring managers, please visit our Staff Connect webpage

Recruitment Policy

Our Recruitment Policy provides an overarching framework for the recruitment and selection of staff. Ensuring the process is conducted in a manner that is efficient and effective, whilst promoting equality of opportunity. The principles enable us to meet our staffing requirements through a range of routes which, whilst allowing for flexibility of approach, will comply with relevant legislation. To ensure appropriate implementation the policy, it should be read in conjunction with the recruitment procedures available below.

Chair of the Panel

Each recruitment campaign requires one person from the department to make key decisions and lead the process in liaison with the relevant Resourcing Adviser - this person is designated as Chair of the panel. Guidance on the Role of Chair of the Panel is applicable to all recruitment procedures outlined below.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The Resourcing Team SLA defines how we support and work in conjunction with Hiring Managers and Chairs of recruitment panels at each stage of the recruitment process. The SLA manages expectations by defining responsibilities and timescales for key tasks, whilst providing a framework to ensure we deliver a consistent, effective and efficient service.

Recruitment Procedures

Recruitment procedures provide more specific detail on key steps at each stage of the recruitment and selection process.

International Staff Appointments

In pursuance of the University’s Internationalisation Policy and the result of greater globalisation of academic pursuit, increasing numbers of instances are arising that propose the engagement of individuals, whether UK-based or overseas-based, to work outside the UK or for overseas nationals to work in the UK. Please contact your relevant Resourcing Adviser to discuss the current requirements related to this, prior to beginning any recruitment. you can also find further information here.


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