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Search Committee

Generally we are able to fill the majority of the roles that we recruit to without too much difficulty whilst working within the parameters of the processes that we use on a daily basis. There are, however, occasions when it is not possible to recruit easily to a vacancy. Examples of this might be a very technical or specialised role that requires a specialised/tailored recruitment approach and process and/or that the University has identified the need for an individual who will make a significant contribution to the Institutional Plan where immediate high performance will be key.

In some cases, there are very specialised/technical roles where a clear skills shortage is known in the market, and it may well prove prudent to establish a Search Committee at the outset of the recruitment process, rather than adopting the standard recruitment methods first. Further information here.

National Publications

There has been a decline in the last 6 - 12 months by the University of Kent in using large hard copy adverts except for specialist or particular posts (our advertising agency have recorded a down turn in hard copy advertising across their clients in the last financial year). However, for some posts hard copy advertising is just as useful as a PR exercise as well as for advertising a post. National publications to consider are the Times Higher, Guardian, Economist but please note that this method is expensive and the average advert will start at approximately £2,500.

Pointer Adverts

These are considerably cheaper than running a full advert in either the Kent Messenger or a national publication. As the pointer advert is brief (literally title, dept, salary and link to UoK website) it is clearly distinguishable against other adverts, yet allows us a presence in the publications. The online Job Description can then do the rest.


These are more reasonably priced and there is also a great variety. Often and our own website are sufficient to attract interest for vacancies, however, we can research other options for you. There are local options such as jobsinkent that we use regularly, or if the post is either a research or academic one you may wish to consider mailing lists websites etc.

Specialist publications

We can source these and job-boards for you – just let us know and we will speak to our advertising agency – in some cases these may be more cost effective.

Recruitment Agencies

Due to the costs involved we tend to use these for either high level positions or those where we have difficulty appointing via the standard routes. If you have experienced problems in filling a post in the past we can look at the most effective agency options for you.

Before agreeing to work with any agency, please ensure you follow the recommended guidelines produced by Procurement - Working with Agencies & Recruiters

Other areas to consider

Internal Advertising

If the post could be advertised internally within the University of Kent this would save you considerable time and cost. This would be appropriate for the majority of posts. In these cases we would advertise on the Kent website only.

Deadlines & Home Office advertising timescales

There are no set timescales for internal advertising or posts from Grades 1-6. However, for posts where we may be required to sponsor an individual under Tier 2 of the Points Based System, we are required to conduct a resident labour market test (RLMT).  In order to meet the RLMT posts must be advertised for a minimum of 28 days using particular websites or publications.  For further information please see the Staff Immigration website recruiters guidance.

Reports on advertising

Before considering any of the outlined advertising options, you may wish us to provide you with reports/statistics on the outcome of advertising for a similar post. Please speak to the recruitment team if you would like further details.


Please refer to the Equality and Diversity Policy for further details on recruitment procedures regarding avoiding discrimination in relation to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and disability. Care should be taken to ensure that adverts relate to the information set in the duties or person specification of the job description. The recruitment team will check to ensure the wording does not breach any current legislation.

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