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Induction for New Staff

The University recognises the importance of providing a timely and effective induction for all new staff to ensure effective integration into the University, the department and the role.

Induction aims to assist new staff members to:

  • become familiar with the culture of the University of Kent and to become effective within that culture
  • develop an understanding of policies and practices at central and local level, acquire an understanding of how the University works and their role contributes to the success of the University
  • become accustomed to the working environment
  • develop an understanding and appreciation of the expectations of their new role
  • develop an understanding of the duties and activities of the role
  • begin to perform effectively and gain confidence in their new role.

The documents below detail the policy and procedures for induction of new staff and also provide advice to managers in effectively inducting new staff, with more specific information for induction of new staff from overseas and Academic or Research staff.

Induction Policy

This document outlines the policy for Induction of new staff members into the University.

Induction of New Staff Policy




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