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Gender Reassignment/

Trans* is an umbrella term used to include all gender-variant people. It can mean someone feels like the opposite gender to which they were born, or that they classify themselves as non-binary, neither male nor female, or even a mix of the two.

The University of Kent is committed to fostering an inclusive working environment for all staff, and recognises and celebrates the diversity of gender identity and expression of its staff. 

These pages seek to provide information, guidance and resources to support staff who are trans (an umbrella term which includes people who may identify as transgender or transsexual) as well as those who may decide to go through a process of gender reassignment (the process of transitioning from one sex to another).  Please note that there are no absolute definitions surrounding this area as the terminology is varied and constantly evolving, as explained more fully in the “Guide to Supporting Gender Reassigment in the Workplace”.

Toolkits & Resources

A Guide to Supporting Gender Reassignment in the Workplace

This guide provides information on gender identity inclusion at the University of Kent and how to support colleagues who have undergone or are planning to undergo gender reassignment. It also outlines the legal framework and University procedures and processes for staff to be aware of.  


The following checklists are contained in the guide:

Informing the University - see Appendix A (page18)
Formulating an action plan for the Transition Process - see Appendix B (page 19)


Trans Awareness e-Learning Modules

Three modules are available:
1) a general introduction to gender variance (this explains basic terminology, relevant legislation,  stereotypes and mis-conceptions around gender reassignment and also described gender related hate crimes;
2)  how to create trans-inclusive workplaces (with  specific guidance on how to support an employee who transitions at work);
3) the provision of trans inclusive services. All modules include film clips and case studies, with interactive quizzes to check learning.

Advice and Support

Further advice can be found from the following sources across the University:




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