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Harassment Contact Network

The Harassment Contact Network comprises of individual members of staff who have volunteered to take on the role of the Harassment Contact. The University has appointed and trained some members of staff as Harassment Contacts, who can be contacted for advice and support. Staff/students can choose to contact any of the Harassment Contacts and may prefer to speak to someone from a different department or section.

Cases of harassment and bullying are best addressed promptly and locally. For this reason, the University's network of Harassment Contacts act outside of official reporting lines and will treat all discussions with confidentiality (unless the safety of staff or students is at risk). A conversation with a Harassment Contact does not need to lead to further action, but it is recommended that staff seek their support as soon as they can, if they suspect they are being subjected to behaviour or conduct which is in appropriate, or if they believe someone else is.

The role of the Harassment Contact is:

  • to offer a 'listening ear';
  • to offer independent support, guidance and advice as to whether the alleged behaviour falls within the Dignity at Work policy;
  • to talk through and advise on the process for resolving the problem, including providing guidance on speaking or writing to the alleged harasser;
  • to refer the matter to another source of help, or pursue more formal action.

Harassment Contacts

First Name










International Partnerships


Russell Jordan 4977 r.o.jordan@kent.ac.uk Recruitment & Admissions Canterbury
Sarah Megson 8937 s.h.megson@kent.ac.uk Medway Campus Administration Medway
Afroditi Pina 3781 a.pina@kent.ac.uk School of Psychology Canterbury
Tom Sharp 4356 t.r.sharp@kent.ac.uk Student Support Canterbury
Tania Durt 16295 t.c.durt@kent.ac.uk European Administration Brussels
Catherine Butler 3251 c.r.butler@kent.ac.uk School of Engineering & Digital Arts Canterbury

Please visit the Dignity at Work Policy to view the following useful information:

  • Support and Contact List - APPENDIX ONE (page 9 of 10)
  • Guidance Flowchart - APPENDIX TWO (page 10 of 10)

Please also see the Staff Guide to the Informal Procedures.

Guidelines - Citizen's Advice; Taking action about harassment

If a member of staff is interested in becoming a Harassment Contact, please email ldev@kent.ac.uk for further information.


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