KentOne student card

KentOne card for students

The KentOne Card is a multi-functional photo ID card which is issued to all new students on completion of enrolment.

The KentOne ID card desk is located alongside the Student Records team in the Registry

The card will enable you to borrow books from the library, become a member of the Sports Centre, gain entry to the examination hall and participate in student elections. If you are entitled to a meal allowance, or have purchased a meal deal package, you will need to show your card at the till.

In addition, the KentOne Card can be used as a debit purchasing card to pay for food, drink and other items at many campus outlets. As soon as you have registered your card details, our new online service will top up your card instantly and will also allow you to check your transactions and balance details.

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Where can I use my KentOne Card?

At Kent Hospitality outlets:

  • Origins bar and bistro in Darwin College
  • Mungo's bar and bistro in Eliot College
  • Dolche Vita and K-Bar in Keynes College
  • Bag It and the dining hall in Rutherford College
  • Create cafe in the Marlowe building
  • Sports cafe at the Sports Centre
  • College Receptions
  • The snack bar at Kent Business School
  • No1 Bistro at Medway
  • Cargo at Medway

At other campus outlets:

  • The Gulbenkian cafe bar at Canterbury
  • Kent Union shops on the Canterbury and Medway campuses
  • Blackwell's Bookshop at Canterbury

What are the advantages of using the card?

Apart from not having to carry cash with you all the time, it is an ideal facility for parents/guardians to credit from home. Card users may also be eligible for special promotions.

How does the card work?

Each time a card is swiped at a cash till the user is identified and the cost of the purchase is deducted, providing the account has sufficient credit.

How can I apply for a KentOne account?

Once you have credited your KentOne card to set up an account, your card should be programmed and ready to use. Please visit the KentOne desk in the Registry if this is not the case.

How do I keep my KentOne account in credit?

To keep your account in credit, you can top up using our online facility.

Alternatively, your card can be topped up by credit or debit card by phoning Kent Hospitality on 01227 827434 or 823979 (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri, during term time).

What happens if my card needs replacing?

In all cases, go to the KentOne Reception at the Student Records Desk in the Registry as soon as possible. Any balance on your card will be transferred to your replacement card.

Opening hours are:

  • Term time: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Vacations: 9am-1pm, Monday to Friday

Charges will apply as follows (please note that we are not able to take cash):

For damaged cards - a first replacement card will be issued free of charge and subsequent replacements will be charged at £5 each.

For lost cards - the charge for a replacement card is £14.

For stolen cards - there is no charge for a replacement card, providing you have a crime reference number (given to you by the police when you report a theft to them). If you have no crime reference number, a £14 charge will apply.

Can I get back any unused money on my card?

If you still have money on your card when you leave the University, come to the Registry (or email us) to arrange for the balance to be returned to you.

What happens if money is left unclaimed on my account?

You will have 12 months from the time you leave the University to claim any unused funds for money you have put on your card yourself. Any bursary or compensation added to your card by the University of Kent will be non-refundable.

After this period, we will put any unused money towards a hardship bursary fund set up by Kent Hospitality.

Who should I contact for more information?

Tim Warren

Tim Warren is the Accounts Supervisor in the Kent Hospitality Finance team and can be contacted by email.



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Last Updated: 22/09/2014