Secondment Kelly

Kelly shares her secondment experience

We interviewed Kelly Leonard following her successful secondment to the conference office.

How did the opportunity arise?

I had seen a Kent Hospitality Human Resources poster advertising secondments in the Dolche Vita office. After a day shadowing in the Conference Ofice I was appraoched by the conference manager and asked whether I would like to continue working in there throughout the busy summer months.

How were the arrangements made?

After speaking with my manager from Dolche Vita, it was agreed that I could take up the secondment in the Conference Office for the duration of the summer months. The transition was smooth transition because I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with the team and role in advance.

What was your role before the secondment?

I was an Assistant Supervisor in Dolche Vita restaurant.

Why did you choose to undertake a secondment?

I chose to accept the offer because in the search for my chosen career I was taking every opportunity to develop my skills, experience and knowledge. After working for one day in the office it made me see how varied and interesting it would be to work alongside the Conferences and Events team and I wanted the chance to learn from this environment.

What did you enjoy most about the secondment?

I’d say the best thing was having the opportunity to push and develop my skills by working in an environment that was new and challenging. I was able to work in a new environment, with different people and undertake different daily tasks all of which aided my personal development. I’ve always been an organised person, who writes ‘to do’ lists and plans things months in advance and it amazed me that these traits were ideal for working in such a busy environment. Being given the opportunity to undertake the secondment was an opportunity I hadn’t expected to happen but it allowed me to begin a new career that I have followed now for four years and which I am very much enjoying.

Would you recommend secondments to a colleague?

I would absolutely recommend taking up a secondment position because you just don’t know where it will take you and that’s really exciting. If you’re looking to boost confidence, skills and experience then what better way to do this than working in a new role.

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Last Updated: 21/03/2017