Previous Pride Award winners


One of the predecessors to our Staff Excellence Award was the long running Pride Award.

Many congratulations to all of our past Pride Award winners.

2020 winners

Date Name, location Reason for nomination  
September 2020 Angela Forsyth, Accommodation Co-ordinator Angela’s nomination singled her out for her ‘tireless’ work and “unflagging efforts” on the Clearing hotline call centre, as well as helping to implement a new procedure for processing student data.
Keira Hannigan, Chargehand Keira’s award recognised her “dedication, consistency, proactiveness, and her willingness to support and assist the Housekeeping Team in their work” espescially when recently helping to run and manage one of the college Housekeeping Teams above and beyond her role.
Jason Townsend, IT Systems and Develoment Officer Jason produced 14 fully operational tracking devices for Kent Hospitality’s catering outlets. He designed a bespoke computer prototype, tested it, sourced parts and manufactured the final trackers often in his own time and successfully completed the project in a tight timeframe.
June 2020 Liz Ralph, Assistant Housekeeping Manager In her own time, Liz produced hundreds of practical, colourful and reuseable facemasks for the housekeeping team members working on campus thoughout lockdown and for vulnerable people in her community.
March 2020 Heather Dyer, Domestic Assistant Heather’s award recognised her generosity and kindness towards others, exemplified when helping a Christ Church student in need. Part of an email sent by a friend of the student wrote: “the amazing compassion your colleague showed towards my friend is commendable and not everyone would have helped her in the way that she did.”
Claire Whale, Housekeeping Supervisor Claire’s award recognised her consistent hard work and proactive attitude in assisting with accommodation viewings and resolving problems before they develop. Her nomination noted “there is never a time that you feel you are asking too much of Claire because her positive attitude and helpful demeanour is always at the forefront of any correspondence”.
Jason Townsend, IT Systems, Development and Support Officer An extract from Jason’s nomination read: “he consistently surpasses expectation, gives up his personal time, is willing to help everyone, and demonstrates pride for the department and the University through his actions, which are a positive example to others.”

2019 winners

Date Name, location Reason for nomination  
December 2019 Tracy Hayes, Domestic Assistant Tracy's award recognised the positive impact she has made at Kent Sport with the award nominee stating: 'Anyone who comes across Tracy will see that her customer service is tangible – in both her standards and kind and considerate personality.'
September 2019 Helen Taylor, Kent Hospitality Receptionist Helen's award recognised her going the extra mile to help students and their families arriving to Darwin College during Arrivals Weekend. Helen Taylor Sept 2019 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey
June 2019 Lizzie Arbus, Chargehand Lizzie's award recognised her stepping up to resolve a student complaint directly and her continued attention and effort to fix the problem as quickly as possible and provide support to the students throughout, liaising with different teams to ensure a swift positive resolution. Lizzie Arbus June 2019 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey
March 2019 No winner, as nominations received did not meet the criteria for the award.


Past winners' gallery

2018 winners

Date Name Reason for nomination  
December 2018 Linda Jarvis, Rutherford College Receptionist Linda was nominated for her “dedication to ensuring each and every customer experience is memorable” espescially at one Open Day event where attending parents and students "came back enthused about the facilities and very, very impressed with Linda". Linda Jarvis Dec 2018 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey
Sam Riddington, Medway Food and Beverage Manager Sam's award recognised her “outstanding support and organisational skills” and consistent “professional commitment” when working on catering for events.  
September 2018 Becky Wyatt, Keynes College Receptionist Becky's award recognised her “consistent exceptional customer service throughout the years” as well as “playing a key role in assisting with the processing of all guest feedback for the 2018 conference season”. Becky Wyatt Sept 2018 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey
June 2018 Julie Williams, Turing College Domestic Assistant Julie's award recognised her caring personality while consistently providing additional "help and support" to residential students on the Canterbury campus alongside the "best advice". Julie Williams June 2018 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey
March 2018 Dave Jordan, Health & Safety - Tanglewood Dave’s award recognised his dedicated attitude and hard work as he went "above and beyond" for providing additional support to a residential student on the Canterbury campus in a time of need. Dave Jordan March 2018 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey

2017 winners

Date Name, location Reason for nomination  
December 2017 Fay Allen, Accommodation Office Fay's award recognised her dedication to go "the extra mile to deliver excellent customer service" and for having a positive impact within the Accommodation Office in the short time since she had started. Fay Allen Dec 2017 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey at Christmas Quiz
Christine Nottage, Keynes College Housekeeping Christine's nomination recognised the extra tasks that she undertakes on top of her regular workload with her input "making the Keynes College workplace more organized and safe for her colleagues”.  
September 2017 Steven Lambert, Cargo - Medway campus Steven's award recognised how he "always goes above and beyond and works incredibly hard' while specifically referencing one incident that occured over the summer. Steven Lambert Sept 2017 Pride Award winner with Kevin Stuckey
April 2017 Chris Scrutton, Houskeeping Chris was nominated by three different people for the "amazing support she provided" for those completing the BICS Assessor Training course. Chris Scrutton April 2017 Pride Award winner with Simon Westerman

2016 winners

Date Name Reason for nomination  
December 2016 Mark Finch, Rutherford Dining Hall Mark was nominated after administering life-saving first aid at an event. An extract from his nomination read "his calmnessm, professionalism and helpful attitude made a stressful situation less stressful and contributed to the other guests remainng calm". Mark Finch Dec 2016 Pride Award winner at Christmas Quiz
September 2016 Colin Reynolds, Rutherford Dining Hall Colin was nominated for his "tireless" work ethic. "He is unfailingly cheerful and helpful and one cannot count the number of times he has done more than he is required to". Colin Reynolds Sept 16 Pride Award winner with Simon Westerman
April 2016 Anne Munday, Keynes College Reception Anne was nominated for producing a detailed ‘Knowledge of the College’ document for future receptionists drawing upon her years of service at Park Wood College. Anne Munday and Mike Sault April 16 Pride Award winners with Simon Westerman
Mike Sault, KBS Servery Mike was nominated for providing first class services to KBS staff, students and visitors, as well as his excellent first aid skills.

2015 winners

Date Name Reason for nomination  
December 2015 Diba Artingstoll, Tanglewood Reception Diba was nominated for her constant enthusiasm within the team and for the great work she has been doing on the Accommodation Office social media accounts. Diba Artingstoll and Oliver Rattigan Dec 15 Pride Award winners with Simon Westerman
Oliver Rattingan, Origins - Darwin College Oliver was nominated for defusing a potential problem with an event in December using quick thinking and clear communication with the event client.
September 2015 Steve Cullen, Turing College Steve was nominated for his hard work as Turing College’s handyman, including building Hut8 a bespoke label holder out of odds and ends. Liz Slattery and Steve Cullen Sept 15 Pride Award winners with Simon Westerman
Liz Slattery, College Receptionist Liz was nominated for taking an injured visitor to hospital from Keynes College having bandaging it up after her shift had finished.
April 2015 Karen Gardner, Housekeeping Support Team Karen was nominated for her positive attitude about altering her shift times to help the department. Karen Gardner and Rebecca Reeves Apr 15 Pride Award winners with Simon Westerman
Rebecca Reeves, Catering - Turing and the 'Silver Bullet' Rebecca was nominated for her support, motivation and enthusiasm with all things ‘Hut8’.

2014 winners

Date Name, location Reason for nomination  
December 2014 Marie Cullen, Keynes Accommodation Debbie and Marie were nominated for the award by a colleague in recognition of the help and support they provided to a student during her first year at the University. Marie Cullen and Debbie Hanks Dec 15 Pride Award winners with Simon Westerman at Christmas Quiz
Debbie Hanks, Keynes Accommodation
September 2014 Sophie Shipton, Turing Reception Sarah and Sophie were nominated for setting up a temporary reception for Turing with only 24 hours’ notice and for all their hard work in ensuring that those new students who were able to move in to Turing had as smooth an arrival as possible. Sarah Tooze and Sophie Shipton Sept 15 Pride Award winners with Simon Westerman
Sarah Tooze, Turing Reception
April 2014 Aaron Kitchener, Darwin Housekeeping Aaron was nominated for his speedy action in resolving a problem in a student house. Karen Gardner and Aaron Kitchener Apr 14 Pride Award winner with Simon Westerman

2011 - 2013 winners

Date Name Location
December 2013 Chris Scrutton Keynes Housekeeping
September 2013 Hilary Dryland Park Wood Housekeeping
Kay Friend Dolche Vita, Keynes College
April 2013 Chinonso Onuigwe Dolche Vita, Keynes College
December 2012 Julie Biggs Rutherford Dining Hall
Michele Hackman
September 2012 Caroline Hames Conference Office, Beverley Farmhouse
Ann Stewart-Paver Rutherford Reception
April 2012 Roland James Origins, Darwin College
December 2011 Kay Friend Dolche Vita, Keynes College
September 2011 Rachel Timson Catering Office, Tanglewood
David Cooper K-Bar, Keynes College
April 2011 Adrian Smith Dolche Vita, Keynes College

2007 - 2010 winners

Date Name Location
December 2010 Caroline Dennis Conference Office, Beverley Farmhouse
September 2010 Holly Psaila Tyler Court Reception
April 2010 Christine Auld Darwin Housekeeping
Federico Zelaschi Foreman Mungo's, Eliot College
December 2009 No winner, as nominations received did not meet the criteria for the award.
September 2009 Wojtek Politowski Keynes Housekeeping
April 2009 Ben Elsbury Dolche Vita, Keynes College
December 2008 No winner, as nominations received did not meet the criteria for the award.
September 2008 Alan Hobson Darwin Housekeeping
June 2008 Alex Clarke Mungo's, Eliot College
April 2008 Gwen Gawler Tyler Court Housekeeping
December 2007 Tracey Parsons Rum Tum's Shop, Eliot College
September 2007 Ray Grant Rutherford Housekeeping
June 2007 Lynda McJannet Café Revive, Woolf College

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