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Welcome to the Commercial Services HR forms and processes web page, which has links to the relevant and up-to-date forms and processes for use by managers and supervisors.

  • Annual leave, sickness and special leave is now input via Staff Connect. Please see the Staff Connect FAQs page or Staff Connect Information website.
  • Forms requiring a signature will need to be printed and filled in manually.
  • Please only print the forms as they are required, to ensure that the most recent version is always used.
  • If there is a form that you cannot find, please contact the HR department at Tanglewood (TW) on 7275 or 7020.

Casual Staff

Managers wishing to appoint staff on a casual/timesheet contract need to complete a right to work check and email with the name, proposed start date and email address of the applicant. HR will then issue a contract via docusign however the applicant cannot start work until the manager has received confirmation from HR.

A casual leaver form should be completed for all casual staff as soon as they indicate they are leaving. When staff leave without notification, a form must be completed retrospectively. The form should be returned to HR in TW to ensure that HR systems are kept up to date and that the P45 is sent to the correct address.


The following forms must be completed as part of the recruitment process.

Form 1: Recruitment advertising request

When a vacancy arises which will need to be replaced, this form should be completed after careful consideration has been given to the hours required and the Further Particulars have been reviewed.

Form 2: Shortlisting form

Once the vacancy closes on I-Grasp, this form should be used to support the short listing process. Following completion the form should be sent to HR in Tanglewood, where it is kept for audit purposes.

Form 3: Interview details form

Details of the time, date, location and panel members for each interview need to be relayed to Kay Disturnal at Tanglewood so that candidates can book an interview slot.
If a test or non-standard interview is planned, this must be indicated on the paperwork so that candidates know what to expect.

Form 4: Interview assessment form (2 parts)

This form is completed at the interview. Questions should be agreed prior to the interview and recorded on the form. These should be used to test essential/desirable criteria outlined on the published job description. It should be scored and completed by the Chair of the Interview once the interviews have taken place. One agreed version of the form should be returned to HR in Tanglewood.

Form 5: Interview outcome form (2 parts)

This form is completed once the interviews have taken place. The information detailed on the form will be used to write the contract, so it is essential that each section is completed and accurate.
The second page requires you to detail some brief notes on unsuccessful candidates and is kept for audit purposes. Both forms should be returned to HR in Tanglewood.

Eligibility list A and Eligibility list B should be used to ensure that you are taking copies of the correct documents as a record of an applicant's proof of right to work in the UK. Copies of the documents should be stamped, signed and dated by the manager and returned to HR in Tanglewood with the Interview Outcome Form.


Family Friendly Practices

Family friendly practices include:

An Application Form - Maternity Leave and Pay must be completed by the expectant mother once she has agreed the expected date she wishes her maternity leave to commence. Please read the Maternity Leave and Pay – Guide for Staff to help you complete this form. If you require any advice please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Williams in Tanglewood.

A Keeping in Touch (KIT) form must be completed when you agree to undertake up to 10 days of work during your maternity leave, for which you will be paid in arrears. Keeping in touch days are optional.

A paternity leave form must be completed by the expectant father and should also include a copy of his partner’s MATB1. Please read the section on Paternity Leave on the Central HR web page before completing the paternity leave form. A copy of the employee's partner's MATB1 should be attached to the form.

An employee may apply for shared parental leave if they meet the eligibility criteria. Please read the guide before completing the relevant form.

Contract/person/post details change

The post/change of contract form must be used when requesting a change of contracted hours, a change of post (costing change) and/or acting responsibility pay for a member of staff. Any increase or reduction in hours must be authorised by your head of department. Consideration should be given to the date that you wish the amended hours to start from as a variation to contract will need to be produced by HR and signed by the staff member.

Staff Connect new post/post amendment pro-forma: This form is used, by the Line Manager, to request a new post in your department or to request changes to the detail(s) held at post holding level for an existing post. Examples of changes may include changes to the job title, changes to the reporting lines, changes to the hours held at post level (these may not be the actual hours the post holder works). Once completed please email it to HR will then pass your request to the Systems Team to process so please allow at least a week.

Occupational Health

Where an appointment is needed with the Occupational Health Advisors, an online management referral form must be completed and then signed by the member of staff and the manager making the referral. In the “Address for report” section of (g) Manager’s Statement, please add “cc Sarah Williams, HR”.


The leaver form must be completed when you are informed that a substantive member of staff is leaving. It ensures that final pay is calculated correctly and must be returned to the HR team in Tanglewood.

Annual leave, sickness and other leave

Annual leave is requested via an employee's Staff Connect account. Entitlements are recorded in hours.

A sickness absence record on Staff Connect should be initiated by the employee's line manager when the employee first reports their absence. The sickness absence record should be closed when the employee returns to work. The line manager should scan and upload to the employee's record any FIT notes, ensuring they run continuously. The line manager should input date of the return to work. The Return to Work Interview Form which needs to be submitted on Staff Connect can be accessed from the University's Human Resourses website.

Other leave, (with the exception of those absences listed in previous tabs), is input by the employee's line manager, on the employee's Staff Connect record. Human Resources should be contacted for guidance as necessary.

Please see the Staff Connect Information website for further information on any of the above.



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