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War and Diplomacy in Europe c1850-2000 - HI437

Location Term Level Credits (ECTS) Convenor 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Canterbury Spring Certificate
Certificate level module usually taken in the first stage of a degree
15 (7.5) Prof G L Johnson inactive active active

The information below applies to the 2015-16 session


Subjects to be covered will include: The Crimean War; The Franco-Prussian War and German unification; the origins of the First World War; the Treaty of Versailles; the League of Nations; the origins of the Second World War; the Cold War in Europe; the origins of the European Union; from détente in Europe to the fall of Communism.


Contact hours
There will be ten lectures (one hour each) and ten weekly seminars (one hour each). Alongside secondary literature, use will be made of primary documents such as diplomatic agreements, political statements and speeches and memoirs. The total number of study hours expected of students will be approximately 11 per week (132 in total) Total study hours for the module will be 150.

Method of assessment

The module will be assessed by 50% coursework, 50% exam. The coursework will be made up of two essays of 1500 words each (40% each, for a total of 80%) and an oral mark (20%). The examination will be a two-hour long essay questions paper.

Preliminary reading

  • Crockatt, Richard, The Fifty Year War Joll, J., Europe Since 1870 Judt, T., Postwar: a History of Europe since 1945 Lieven D., Russia and the Origins of the First World War Macmillan, Margaret, Paris 1919 Mazower, Mark, Dark Continent Roberts, J. Europe: 1880-1945 Steiner, Zara, The Lights that Failed: European International History 1919-1933 Thomson, David, Europe since Napoleon Baumgart, W., The Crimean War

Learning outcomes


No pre-requisites

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