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David Potter is a historian who specialises in the history of early modern France.

I taught early modern European History and specialise in researching the history of early modern France; it has been the history and culture of Renaissance France that has dominated my research and writing.

I have published studies on the military organization of late medieval and early modern France, in particular a monograph on Picardy, on the French nobility and on the court of France. My most recent books include Renaissance France at War, which looks not only at the military organization of France but at the making of war policy and the cultural dimensions of war.

I also publish work on Tudor diplomacy, one of my lasting interests. For instance, I am working on a study of Elizabethan foreign policy and have recently published a new book entitled Henry VIII and Francis I: the Final Conflict (Brill, 2011) on the Anglo-French conflicts of the 1540s. This has involved work in a large number of European and English archives.

My next project concerns Antoine de Bourbon, king of Navarre (d.1562) and I am preparing a two-volume collection of the letters and biographical studies of both Charles and Antoine de Bourbon, the grandfather and father of Henri IV of France. This is is virtually complete and should lead to a longer biographical study which seeks to revise Antoine de Bourbon’s role in the origins of the Wars of Religion. In addition, I am in the process of completing a study of one of Francis I’s ambassadors, Jacques Mesnage, based in his papers at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris.

I have also participated in a project involving and international group of historians who are working on the counsellors of Francis I and in that context written a study in French on Anne de Pisseleu, duchesse d’Etampes, mistress of Francis I, for the book which was published this year.

Ultimately, my objective is to move on to a larger project of assembling the surviving correspondence of Francis I, in order to make it as readily available as that of Henry VIII.

I have supervised research theses on Tudor diplomacy and on French Renaissance history. As for my undergraduate teaching, this concentrated not only of French history but the political and social history of early modern Europe.

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Chapters in Books

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