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  • Artwork depicting tanks passing along a road in France
  • Vickers machine gun crew with gas masks
  • British Mark I male tank Somme 25 September 1916

Situating Science and Technology in the Great War

A one-day conference hosted by the Centre for the History of the Sciences and School of History on 23 July 2014 in Woolf College Seminar Room 5.

Science and technology were essential to the organisation, conduct, representation and memory of the Great War. The history of these topics during the Great War has largely focused on the mobilization of varied disciplines from the start of military operations, specifically the chemical industry on the homefront, and the rapid reorganisation of scientific and engineering research. Beyond the history of science the war of matériel looms large in military history, logistics and the representations of war. There is perhaps a disconnect between these historiographies, despite the obiquous presence of technology, machines and weapons advances throughout the events and memory of 1914-1918.

The centenary of the Great War offers a fresh opportunity to reconsider the place of science and technology in that conflict. This workshop will tackle two linked questions: what roles did science and technology have in the Great War? And what can histories of science and technology add to our understanding of the Great War? To tackle these questions the workshop will bring together historians of science and technology and social, cultural and political historians of the Great War with the aim of investigating how science and technology are situated in the history of that conflict.

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Dr Don Leggett
School of History
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NB: Registration is free however places are limited.

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