What tech to pack!

The phones, laptops and other technology you can use on campus

Phones and tablets: security requirements

To be able to connect to eduroam (University Wi-Fi) or the VPN (access to the network from off campus) your device needs to meet our security requirements and offer WPA2 Enterprise/AES encryption.

Most devices meet these standards. To make sure yours does, bring a device that has one of these operating systems and has anti-virus protection:

  • iOS 11 or newer (Apple phones and tablets). Make sure you have automatic updates selected in Settings and you use a thumbprint, PIN or password to protect it.
  • Android 7 or newer (Google, Samsung, some HTC and other phone/tablet brands like Kindle Fire). You should also use a PIN or password. Enable Encryption in Settings, under Security and Location.
  • Windows 10 (Nokia, and some HTC phones). You should also use a PIN or password.

On all your devices check settings and ensure that you're getting automatic updates, and that your operating system is still supported.

Advice on free anti-virus protection

Laptops, Macs and PCs: security requirements

Only secure and supported operating systems are allowed on our network:

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and RT 8.1.
  • Mac OS 10.12 and newer. Make sure Filevault is enabled.
  • Linux may work but we can't provide user support.

Your PC/laptop needs current anti-virus software with regular system updates

Staff: if you use a laptop for work, you need to password-protect it

You can borrow a Windows laptop in the Templeman Library and Drill Hall Library.

Ethernet cable for your campus bedroom

Bring a network/Ethernet cable for your campus bedroom, whether you'll live on Canterbury campus or at Liberty Quays in Medway. You need it to use the wired internet especially if you want to bring any of the devices below. It's fast and there's no risk of interference.



  • You can use student print/copy/scanners on campus for a small charge.
  • To use your own printer in a Canterbury bedroom you'll need to bring a cable to connect it to your laptop/PC.

Smart TVs

You need a network/Ethernet cable to get your television online on the Canterbury campus, as it can't use our campus Wi-Fi (for Liberty Quays, check the requirements here). You probably need a TV Licence too.  

Smart speakers and streaming devices

Smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home) and streaming devices (Firestick, Chromecast) will only work on campus if they can use a wired connection. If it relies on a Wi-Fi network it probably won’t work due to network security standards.

The device must support WPA2 AES encryption security. Most Wi-Fi devices don’t meet this standard at the time of writing. 

Games consoles

You can play multiplayer games and use online services like Xbox Live using the wired network in a campus bedroom.


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