Share files and collaborate

All staff can use Teams to share files and collaborate on files within Teams.

Why share files in Teams

Save files into a team if other team members may need to access it now or in the future. Remember your OneDrive files are for your draft versions and individual work (and are deleted when you leave Kent). Teams is our shared space for team working. 

Files saved into teams are always accessible to current members of a team even if the original author leaves Kent.   

Uploading files to Teams

  • Each channel has a Files area 
  • Drag and drop from Explorer 
  • Use the upload files button 
  • Post in the team conversation 

Files are stored securely in the channel/team.

  • Only team members, guests and owners have access to files 
  • Once on Teams, the files do not belong to any specific person, and any member can read, edit or delete them 
  • To see team members, go to the  next to the team name and click manage team (all members can do this) 

Microsoft video about working with files in Teams

Collaborative editing

  • Many people can work simultaneously on a file
  • It shows you who's got the file open, and any changes happening by different users in real time
  • A new version is created every time the document is closed, not every time a change is made during live editing
  • You can roll back to an older version - see Recovering information below

Recovering information 

A recoverable version is created each time a file is closed, not each time it's saved. When editing, bear this in mind!

  • Not all changes are recoverable
  • Close the file if you want to create a new version

Find previous versions

Open the file in SharePoint or OneDrive in the browser and then:

  • Go to document menu ()
  • Then Version history
  • From there, you can view or restore previous versions 

If the file was deleted, you can find it again in the recycle bin: 

  1. Open the file in SharePoint or OneDrive in the browser  
  2. Find the Recycle Bin in the left menu 
  3. Select the file and click Restore in the bar above 

Downloading files

You can download a local copy of a file with the Download button. This will not update the original on Teams so avoid this when multiple people are working on a file as versions won't be in sync.  

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