Microsoft Teams for teaching modules

Teams are automatically created for teaching modules every summer, ready for the new academic year

Your module-based teams

Your module-based teams are created for you

Your 2021-22 module teams are ready for you to use!

The teams are created at the start of the academic year and members are added automatically. The team is managed by Information Services; we use Moodle for group membership.

Naming is fixed

Team names are set at the point of creation and can't be changed.

Activate your team for students

When we create the teams, they are only visible only to the "Owners", and won't appear for students until activated.

  • Any owner can activate the team from the teams interface
  • A bar inviting you to activate the team will show along the top
  • Activating the team is a one-time event and can't be reverted

How you use the team is up to you!

Seminar groups need to be created by you. Find full advice for how to do this in the teaching for teams Moodle module (see below).

Teams are deleted at the end of the year

Module teams are removed at the end of the academic year, and all conversations and files are deleted.

Help and support

Advice for teaching with Teams

Ask us a question

  • Contact us for help with missing teams or issues related to membership
  • Ask us for help or give us feedback

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