For online chat, staff can use Teams, Skype or Skype for Business (S4B), depending on what your needs are

Use Teams instead of Skype for Business

Microsoft Teams offers online video and audio calling, text chat, file sharing and collaboration around topics, making it easy to work and collaborate with staff and students.

Teams will replace Skype for Business on 27 July 2020, when Skype for Business (S4B) will be decomissioned. This will resolve some technical issues with running both Teams and S4B side by side.

From 27 July: 

  • Skype for Business will stop appearing on staff managed desktop PCs
  • How to disable Skype for Business on your own device: From Skype for Business, click the settings cog, then navigate to Tools and click Options. Go to Personal, then Untick Run at StartUp

More about the Skype for Business withdrawal

Skype and Tier 4 interviews

Skype will still be available for contacting students or recording Tier 4 student interviews.

To use Skype

  1. Get a Skype account
  2. Use a phone, tablet, PC or laptop. PCs will need a webcam, speakers and microphone (or a plug in headphones with a mic).
  3. To install Skype:
    • On a student PC or staff PC: click Start and search for 'software center'. Then locate and install Skype from the list of available software.
    • On a phone or tablet: get it from your app store.

You can Skype from anywhere. If you're on campus and want a room with good sound proofing, you could book the campus Video Conferencing Studio

Before you start

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