SharePoint 2013

For staff: use SharePoint 2013 to share and manage documents formally within your team or with staff across the University.

Why use SharePoint?

Document sharing and collaboration

SharePoint is a space to store and collaborate on documents and other content. You can make use of its powerful document management and list management capabilities to create workflows and automate tasks. Many users can work concurrently on a file, with version control and permissions to secure access.  

Create lists

You can create a task or item list, assign list items to people and track progress.

And more...

Your site can show project updates, have a discussion area, link to related documents and more including SharePoint 'apps' you can use. find out more on our SharePoint support site

Personal and sensitive data

Do not store any personal data or special category personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018), in a standard SharePoint site. 

If you need to store sensitive data contact us to arrange a secure SharePoint site.

Using SharePoint

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Help using SharePoint

Find user guides and videos at


Our IS training team provide an introduction to SharePoint and training for site owners: see all IT training courses

SharePoint Online is coming in 2021

In early 2021 we plan to fully launch SharePoint Online. At that point we'll be advising you to transition any active SharePoint sites into SharePoint Online. Support for moving your site will be available.

SharePoint Online is easier to use and integrates with Microsoft Teams for staff. SharePoint 2013 is no longer being developed by Microsoft which means it won't benefit from any new features.


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