Online Module Registration (OMR)

Understanding your modules

This page details what a module is, which modules you can choose and how to check and/or change your modules.

What is a module?

A module is a self contained component of a programme or programmes of study with defined learning outcomes, teaching and learning methods, and assessment requirements.

Modules are generally 15 or 30 credits each and either 12 or 24 weeks in length. There can be exceptions to this.

Full time students take 120 credits in each year, studying 60 credits in each term. Subject Requirements provide more detail.

View your Subject Requirements to see which modules are available on your course. More in depth information on each module can be found in the Module Catalogue.

Which modules can I choose?

Each programme of study will have a list of available modules. Please read your Subject Requirements for full details.

Can everyone choose their modules?

Students who cannot choose modules are those:

  • studying part time (any stage, including short term credit students)
  • who want to change their Degree Programme
  • who are studying the International Foundation Programme
  • who are studying in Brussels
  • who are starting the Law LLM in September (you will be contacted separately regarding your module choices)

If you fall into one of the above categories, please contact your Division.

Please view the OMR FAQs for further information.

Choosing your modules

To choose your modules, you should read your subject requirements, speak to your Academic Adviser, should you wish, and attend your subject briefing sessions if applicable.

It is very important that you read the below information before you decide which modules you want to take.

  • Full time Undergraduate students must study 120 credits at each stage.
  • At least 90 credits must be taken at Level 6 during Stage 3 (or Stage 4 in four stage programmes) to be eligible for an Undergraduate Honours degree.
  • Students are expected to register for 60 credits in each term unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • If a module is available at both Levels 5 and 6, then Stage 2 students should take the Level 5 and Stage 3 the Level 6. Students cannot take both versions of the same module.
  • Undergraduate Joint honours students must have a minimum of 90 credits in each subject across stages 2 and 3.
  • Modules may be subject to entry requirements or prerequisites. Please refer to the online Module Catalogue for full details of all modules.
  • Please note that module entry may be subject to random allocation. Modules may be cancelled in the event of low recruitment.
  • Full details of each programme can be found on the programme specification.
  • It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you are registered for the correct modules for your programme.
  • Once timetables are released at the start of term, it is your responsibility to check your timetable and ensure that your modules do not clash.

What are elective modules?

Elective (previously known as wild) modules are modules that fall outside of the subject area of your programme of study.

If your programme permits elective modules (as specified in your Subject Requirements), you must choose from the elective module list that is appropriate for your stage. Please see the below 2024/2025 documents for guidance.

Languages may be studied at any level provided that prerequisites are met and that you comply with Credit Framework rules. Please check with the School of Cultures and Languages or Global Learning if you are unsure of your language level. 

Although you are free to apply for any module from the elective modules list, you should note that some modules require certain prerequisite qualifications.

Timetables will not be published until September. It is your responsibility to check your timetable prior to the start of term to ensure your elective module selections do not clash with your required modules. Please note that if an elective module registration does create a timetable clash with your required modules, you will need to withdraw from the elective module and select another.

Please be aware that if you are a sponsored student (Student visa holder), you will need to leave the UK and apply for a new visa before undertaking a 'Year in' programme as they do not meet UKVI academic progression requirements (with the exception of a recognised Year Abroad/Year in Industry programme). Should you have any enquiries about your circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Immigration Compliance Team.  

Extra-curricular, co-curricular, study abroad and work placements

For guidance on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that will enhance your employability and develop the skills prized by graduate employers, see Kent Extra. This also includes information about Study abroad and work placements.  

Please note: Full time undergraduate students must take 120 credits per year. If you want to drop a module you must replace it with module(s) of the same value.

Checking your modules

Once you have selected your preferred modules you can view them on KentVision under the My Modules tile.

For each module you will be able to view:

  • the module code
  • the module title
  • whether it is optional, compulsory or elective (optional and elective modules will show as unconfirmed until your school has reviewed this)
  • the campus at which it is taught
  • whether it contributes to your programme
  • the number of credits it is worth
  • the module status (registered or unconfirmed)
  • the year the module is taught and examined in

Please note that it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you are registered for the required number of credits and the correct modules for your programme of study.

Changing your modules

Please contact your Divisions' Programmes Administration team to make changes to your module choices.

All requests will be treated on a first come, first served basis and your choices will be restricted to modules appropriate for your programme with available space.

Please read the below deadlines and important points to note.

2023/2024 Undergraduate & Postgraduate module change deadlines

Stage 1 students

Autumn and Year Long modules: Friday 13 October 2023

Spring Term modules: Wednesday 24 January 2024

All other stages

Autumn and Year Long modules: Wednesday 4 October 2023

Spring Term modules: Wednesday 24 January 2024

Points to note about changing your modules:

  • All module changes must be approved by your Division.
  • Module changes can only be made prior to the deadline. You will have no further opportunity to change modules after the stated deadlines.
  • Full time students must take 120 credits per year. If you want to drop a module you must replace it with module(s) of the same value.
  • Your module selection must meet the requirements of your degree. Check the relevant subject requirements before changing your modules.
  • You should have an even spread of credits across the Autumn and Spring terms. If you want to drop a module you should replace it with a module from the same term.
  • You must meet any module prerequisites. If you need advice about module content or prerequisites you should read the information in the module catalogue or contact the Division that the module belongs to.
  • If you need information relating to module suitability or other academic advice you should contact your Division.
  • Module changes are subject to available classroom space for the chosen module.

Changing your seminar group

In exceptional circumstances (eg to fit in with child care arrangements or avoid a timetable clash), arrangements may be made to switch from one seminar group to another at a more convenient time. It is your responsibility to check your timetable does not clash.

Please contact your Divisions' Programmes Administration team to change seminar groups.

2023/2024 seminar group change deadlines

Stage 1: Friday 13 October 2023

Stages 2+: Friday 6 October 2023

Changing your course

At Kent we have lots of different options for you to try - a year abroad, a year in industry, a different course, or different modules on your current course. Perhaps pursuing a different degree is the right choice for you?

To change to another course, you should firstly contact your Division's Programmes Administration team. You'll then need to confirm approval from your new Division and give them your completed course change request form (below). Please note the below deadlines for changing courses.

If you are a visa (Student/Tier 4 route) student, you MUST follow this process using the change form or you will risk breaching your visa study conditions.

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