Data Management Plan Online

DMP Online has been developed by the Digital Curation Centre to help you write data management plans. Our University of Kent membership provides a customised service for our researchers.

About DMP Online

DMP Online is a web-based tool that supports researchers to develop data management plans (DMP). It contains current funder templates and best practice guidelines to support the creation of good quality DMPs. Use DMP Online to:

  • view Data Management Plans created by researchers at Kent
  • use funder specific templates
  • request and receive feedback.

Writing a Data Management Plan

Access this short video to to learn about how to write a data management plan using our Data Management Plan Online tool that contains templates and specific guidance.

Get access to DMP Online

Click the button to access DMP Online. "Sign in with your institutional credentials". Choose "University of Kent" from the list of options, or type "Kent" and select the "University of Kent" from the results.

How to use

DMP online is simple to use and guidance is delivered within the service.

  • use the help pages for general guidance
  • detailed guidance is provided when a DMP based on a specific funder template is used.

Create a plan

  1. Select the 'Create Plan' tab
  2. Add the project title under 'What research project are you planning?'
  3. Keep University of Kent as the 'Primary research organisation', unless inaccurate
  4. Choose a template by typing the funder's name under 'Select the primary funding organisation'. For unfunded projects, use the DCC Template.

Complete a plan

  1. Select the 'Project details' tab to complete the sections. The abstract should be 2-3 lines only.
  2. Read the 'Plan overview' for the the plan requirements
  3. Select the 'Write plan' tab, and expand and complete each section. Guidance and example answers are available throughout
  4. Write comments for collaborators by expanding each section and using the 'Comments' box
  5. To return to your plans, sign in and select 'My Dashboard' from the top left side. 

Save your work throughout this process.

Request feedback

  1. Select ‘Request feedback’ for your plan 
  2. The plan will be reviewed and commented on by the Research & Scholarly Communication Team. When complete, you will receive an email alert.

Please provide 5 working days for the team to review, comment and return your plan. 

Share a plan

  1. Select the ‘Share’ tab 
  2. Set your plan visibility (‘Public' view will be visible to anyone with access to DMP Online) 
  3. Complete the 'email' field to invite collaborators and set their permissions
  4. Click ‘Submit’ to send an email invitation for DMP Online.

Download a plan

  1. Select the ‘Download’ tab 
  2. Choose parts of the plan for download (do not include project details for grant applications as they typically have page limits, which would exclude the information given on the coversheet) 
  3. Select the export format
  4. Choose the font type and size, and set the margins (most funding bodies stipulate Arial, font size 11 with margins of at least 2cm) 
  5. Click ‘Download Plan’.

Get support

This support is provided by the University of Kent’s Research and Scholarly Communication Support Team and the Digital Curation Centre.  

Please contact the Research and Scholarly Communication Support Team to get support and guidance.

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