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With the University of Kent's digital library you can access information and support for your studies 24/7. You have online access to a huge range of high-quality digital resources, such as e-books, e-journals, databases, newspapers, and multimedia.

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Find e-books, e-journals, articles and much more. This version of LibrarySearch shows only items that are available to access online.

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You have access to an extra 180,000 e-books that are available only to students at our European Centres.

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Reading lists

The reading lists for your modules are online. They link straight to the essential and recommended resources for the module, in LibrarySearch or elsewhere on the web.

You can also view your reading lists in Moodle.

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More digital resources

Not all of our digital resources are included in LibrarySearch. Visit your digital library to browse or search e-book and e-journal collections, newspaper archives and more.  

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Our librarians recommend these resources for your specific area of study:

Document delivery – request chapters or articles

If the journal article or book chapter you need isn't available from the University of Kent's e-resources or in print in your local libraries, we'll try to get it for you via the document delivery service.

Before you make a request


  • LibrarySearch Europe to see if the item is available as an e-resource.
  • with your supervisor if the item is available from another source or there is an acceptable alternative.
  • the catalogues of relevant local libraries to see if they have the item, or a suitable alternative.

You must have approval from your supervisor before you make the request.

To make your request

  1. Go to LibrarySearch Europe
  2. Click Document Delivery Request (top right)
  3. Follow the instructions for your European Centre

When your item has arrived

Articles and chapters are supplied in digital format by the British Library and you'll get an email with the link to the document.

How to access your item

There are restrictions to your use of the document, due to copyright legislation:

  • you can only print one copy and may not make further copies
  • you may not make further electronic copies, convert the file to any other format, or copy and paste from it
  • once downloaded/saved, the document will "self-destruct" after 3 years

During the coronavirus pandemic, local libraries may be closed. Please check their websites before making a journey.

We recommend that you make full use of the resources available to you locally at libraries in Rome:

  • American University of Rome (AUR) - Evans Hall: facilities include books, DVDs, a reserve collection, inter-library loans, an online catalogue and a quiet study lounge where students can undertake work and research; students have access to the library's large collection of e-books - search the Library catalogue
  • American Academy in Rome: strong in Classical studies and the history of art and architecture, conveniently close to the American University of Rome (AUR)
  • Norwegian Institute (website in Italian or Norwegian): smaller than the American Academy, but holds vital texts and is less busy; most staff speak English and are very helpful; close to the AUR
  • British School of Rome (BSR): extensive collection, but only has 28 study spaces, so get there early; annual membership is €30, bring a letter of introduction, access form, and ID with a passport-sized photo on your first visit
  • Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte (Library of Archaeology and the History of Art): national public library focused on art and archaeology, with two locations - Palazzo Venezia and branch at the Crociera del Collegio Romano; bring ID to enter
  • Bibliotheca Hertziana (Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte): holdings of specialist literature and photographs of Italian art history assets; MA students working on their dissertation may get a short term library card if they show that material they need is exclusively held here


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