Exams and assignments

Exam and deadline time can be stressful. Here are some exams and assignment FAQs to make sure you're prepared.

When will I receive my exam/assignment results?

Exam results announcements:

To view your results login to the Results site.

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For result dates please see:

All assignments are required to be marked and returned within three working weeks.

When can I expect to receive my exam timetable?

Your personalised exam timetable will be available via SDS. usually two weeks before the end of spring term.

Where can I find my exam timetable?

Your exam timetable will be in the Student Data System (SDS).

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Who do I contact about my exam timetable and religious commitments?

If you wish to observe a religious commitment during the exam period, please seek advice from the Exams Office.

Where can I go for revision/assignment support?

There are several places you can go for revision and assignment support, including your academic adviser and the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS). Find out more on the study support webpage.

Where can I find past exam papers?

You’ll find the past exam papers for your modules on the relevant Moodle module pages. Go to your module and find the link to Past exam papers in the left-hand menu.

The Past exam papers link in the left Moodle menu below the Grades link

Where are the silent study spaces on campus?

Here’s a list of available study spaces across our campuses and centres.

What do I need to bring with me to exams?

Exam details, including what to and what not to bring, can be found on the Exams Office webpages.

How do I make an appeal?

Details of appeals and concessions can be found on the Faculties Support Office webpages. Kent Union also provides advice.

Where can I get my dissertation printed?

You can have your dissertation printed by the University’s print department.

How do I apply for an extension?

You should go to your school to arrange an extension.

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