Visual Guide: Autism Assessment and Diagnosis

This is one of several visual guides designed to help students and others understand some of the main processes of accessing support through Student Support and Wellbeing at the University of Kent.
Flow chart for Disabled Students' Allowance: Process for Autistic Students

Autism Assessment and Diagnosis:

1) First Meeting:

  • Book an appointment to see a Disability Adviser:
  • AQ Test and 30 minute screening interview

2) Referral:

  • Students who exhibit positive traits of autism will be referred for assessment provided they are not already in receipt of DSA funded Mentor
  • Referred to Tizard Centre, pending waiting lists.

3) Finance: 

  • Evidence of Maintenance grant requested from undergraduates (some students will be asked to contribute £175 towards costs)
  • Postgraduate students are asked to contribute £175 towards costs

4) Assessment:

  • Tizard Centre contact you to arrange a date for assessment 
  • Assessment will include a parent / guardian interview and participation in diagnostic activities 

5) Review Report: 

  • Appointment with Disability Adviser to review report
  • Create Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP)

6) Post-diagnostic Support: 

  • Apply for Disabled Student Allowances (UK students)
  • Arrange Mentoring support
  • Option to join University of Kent autism social support groups
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