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Global Skills Award



The Global Skills Award for taught postgraduates comprises a range of lectures on global issues and a series of skills workshops which have been specifically designed to improve your employability in a competitive job market.


See below for answers to common queries for the GSA. If you query is not answered here please contact us at


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How long does the Award last?

The Award runs between November and April, with enrolement opening in September and closing in November.

If you are a student at Paris or Rome you will only be able to attend GSA workshops during the Autumn term on the Canterbury campus.


What do I need to do to complete the GSA?

After you have applied to join the GSA and been accepted you will need to complete an 'Initial Personal Development Assessment' online.

To do this you should go to your account at, sign in using your Kent login and select the 'Skills Assessment' tab. You should then fill in the document.

You will need to go to at least 3 lectures (not including the first introductory lecture) and 3 workshops.

Finally, when you have reached the end of March, you will be asked to complete a 'Final Development Evaluation'.

Completion of the GSA is also contingent upon participants complying with the Terms of Engagement

How do I complete the online Skills Assessment?

Log in to the online booking system, on the left hand menu click 'Skills Assessment' and then click 'Start New/Continue Assessment'.

How do I check which future dates workshops will be taking place?

Log in to the online booking system, on the left hand menu click 'Workshops'. You can then either click on the skills area you are interested in or you can click 'Search' and and then type a title or use the trainers name to search for a specific workshop. Click on the title of the workshop and then you will see all the available dates this workshop is taking place. You can then book onto these future workshops.

Do I need to book in advance for lectures?

No, you do not need to book lectures in advance. Make sure that you bring your Kent One card to all lectures and have it scanned by a member of the Graduate School after the lecture has finished and this will mark your attendance. Please see below for the terms of engagement.

Terms of Engagement

We have found that students who participate in the Global Skills Award form a great sense of community and forge new friendships and contacts in Faculties throughout the University. In order that all students get the best out of the programme we would kindly ask students to observe the following rules so that everyone who participates in the GSA is able to do without distraction or noise from others.

    • Please do not talk during lectures;
    • Lectures will last for no more than two hours and some may finish earlier than this therefore you need to stay for the entire lecture.  Please do not leave early this is very disruptive for both speaker and students.  Leaving before the end of the session will result in your attendance not being recorded; 
    • We would ask everyone to arrive at lectures by 18.15, anyone arriving after this time may not be admitted;
    • Please do not use mobile phones, MP3 players or laptops during a lecture;
    • Please only attend those workshops which are running outside of your timetabled masters commitments.  Do not miss timetabled classes to attend GSA workshops;
    • Failing to adhere to the Rules of Engagement or presenting your student card for record and not attending lectures leads to automatic disqualification from the award programme.

Where do I complete lecture/workshop feedback?

In the first instance you should login to your profile page on the student booking system (bloom) to complete your feedback. This can be found at

When you login to your bloom account you should be shown the workshops and lectures you need to give feedback for on your profile page. Just click on the link to the workshop or lecture you wish to comment on.

You can also give feedback for workshops by clicking on 'My Profile', then 'My Workshop History'. Feedback for lectures can also be given by clicking on 'My Profile' then 'My Lecture History'.


I'm having trouble completing lecture/workshop feedback. What should I do?

If you are having trouble saving your feedback, first check that you have completed every section. Every question that asks for a rating must have a score, and every box will need to have some text in it before the feedback saves.

If the 'submit' button is pressed multiple times this generates a number of different screens, and feedback cannot be saved.

If you have double-checked and your page still will not save, or if you think you have pressed the 'submit' button too many times make sure you keep a copy of your comments in a word document and email to notify us of the problem.

Can I attend a non-GSA workshop?

Your 3 workshops must be made up of GSA workshops unless you have made special arrangements with You are, however, welcome to attend any additional non-GSA workshops you wish to, please book on via the online system.


I need to cancel my workshop space. Can I swap it?

You cannot swap your workshop booking. This is due to high demand for spaces and trainers basing workshop activities on the registers they receive before the class. If you are unable to attend a workshop you must let us know on as soon as possible so we can try to fill the space.

Our absence policy stipulates that participants can cancel workshops up to 48 hours in advance of the workshop taking place. A cancellation should only be made within 48 hours of the workshop in the event of illness or an emergency.

Please note some workshops require more notice than 48 hours due to preparator work which may be needed. Therefore you may not be able to cancel these workhops within a week of them taking place and you will need to contact to cancel your place.


I'm having trouble cancelling my workshop space online.

If you are unable to cancel a workshop through the booking system (bloom), and you are still within 48 hours of the workshop deadline, email to confirm that you will no longer be able to attend. If you are trying to cancel a workshop online, and you are within 48 hours of the worskhop taking place, the system will not let you cancel your space. You will need to email or telephone us (01227 824785) in order to make the cancellation. Depending on your circumstances this cancellation may be counted as an authorised absence.

Please note some workshops require more notice than 48 hours due to preparator work which may be needed. Therefore you may not be able to cancel these workhops within a week of them taking place and you will need to contact to cancel your place.


I'm going to be late for my workshop. What should I do?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you think you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your workshop by emailing or telephoning us on 01227 824785.

Some trainers do not admit students who are more than 10 minutes late, so the sooner you contact us the more chance we have of finding you a space on another workshop. If we are advised of lateness we can also let the trainer know in advance, and this can minimise disruption to the class.


Where is the workshop?

All locations of workshops can be found on the booking reminders which are sent by email directly to your student account. You can use the following link from timetabling to have a look where rooms are:

Please ensure that you know where your workshop is taking place, and if you have any queries please contact


I have missed two workshops: will I be unable to continue with the award?

Our absence policy stipulates that if a student misses two workshops and does not let us know that he/she is unable to attend beforehand, these absences will be counted as 'unauthorised' and the student's account will be frozen.

However, we do try to be fair and understanding, and we recognise that students may need to cancel workshops at short notice in the event of an accident or an emergency. In the instance of an accident, illness, or emergency, a notification of cancellation within 48 hours of the workshop will be counted as an 'excused absence'. A student is permitted four 'excused absences' before his/her account is frozen.

It is important to us that as many students are able to attend the GSA workshops as possible and our absence policy enables us to fill as many spaces as possible.

What if a GSA workshop that I would like to attend is fully booked?

If you would like to attend a session that is already fully booked you can choose to go on the waiting list and you will be offered this option when trying to book on a session. Should you encounter any problems with this please email In addition, for very popular events, we try and put on repeats throughout the year, so make sure that you regularly visit the website.


If you have problems with the site or if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact or phone on 01227 824896.

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