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Postgraduate Community Experience Award

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Do you have an idea to help support postgraduate wellbeing? Or perhaps an event to bring research to life?

Then apply for funding through the Postgraduate Community Experience Awards and it could turn into reality!

Funding of up to £1,500 can be awarded for applications to run events or projects which have an interdisciplinary and/or external focus and will build the postgraduate community at the University of Kent.

New this year, we will be awarding at least one wellbeing project/event as part of a new Postgraduate Community Wellbeing Award. This is an additional prize awarded as part of the original Postgraduate Community Experience Awards.

Please contact Felicity Clifford at with any queries.

This year's Postgraduate Community Experience Awards have now closed.

The next round of awards will be opening in September 2019





Commissioned by Laura Thomas-Walters, PhD Candidate
Quilting completed in collaboration with the Canterbury Quilters Society


“I wanted to provide an opportunity for Kent PhD students to explore alternative ways of communicating their research, while enhancing their own well-being through mindful creativity. I've been quilting for a few years, and create textile portraits of endangered species to help raise awareness and funds for them. Quilting is both a really fun pastime, and a fun way of engaging people in my work.

I thought a visual and tactile representation of the breadth of research undertaken at Kent would be a unique form of public engagement. Kent’s PhD Quilt is the first of its kind. Each quilt block was created by a different PhD student, representing the core concept of their PhD. Quilting was done in collaboration with the Canterbury Quilters Society.”     

Laura Thomas-Walters



Emerald R. Taylor

Graduate School

Laura Thomas-Walters


Steven Allain

Marwa Wasfy

Katy Bruce



Gwili Gibbon


Ruth Thompson

Katja May


Alexandra Paul

Katrine Lynn Solvaag

Anna Perikleous and Monique Anne De Comarmond





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