Research community

Research community

Kent’s Master’s and doctoral students, academic and research staff are welcomed into a strong scholarly and supportive social community which is rich in activity, culture and diversity, and extends across our academic Schools, Centres, Divisions, campuses and two European centres.  

Our postgraduates and colleagues benefit from a rich, stimulating and challenging intellectual community in which  students are encouraged to work closely with academic staff. We also advise students and staff to develop and expand their skills by presenting their research, participating in conferences and publishing papers.

We  offer a strong framework of specialist support and dedicated  services across the University, which extends to both students and staff. Kent encourages all members of our community to take an active role in extracurricular activities and to focus on their wellbeing and that of their colleagues.

Celebrating success

We offer a number of initiatives that celebrate the hard work of our students, researchers and academics: 

Networking opportunities

 Our postgraduate students and academic staff play an important role in shaping the development of the Kent research community. We offer a wide range of opportunities for you to interact with other postgraduates, staff and the wider Kent community:

  • Academic Networks - build networks to benefit your professional development and career progression. 


The GRC have provided an opportunity for me to collaborate with staff and students in various fields and allowed me to develop a wider knowledge and understanding of the University of Kent community and feel integrated into postgraduate student life.

Jemma Gurr Postcolonial Studies MA
Woodland path

Student Support and Wellbeing

The Student Support and Wellbeing team do everything they can to make your time at the University of Kent a positive experience. They are committed to improving access to learning and provide a wide range of support. See their website below for helpful articles and a range of events you can attend.