Remuneration Committee

(for the Vice-Chancellor and President, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Director of Finance)

1.         Membership

Chair:              Chair of the Council (ex officio), Sir David Warren (to 31.7.2020)

Members:       Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee/Deputy Chair of the Council, Bob Scruton (to 31.7.2021)

Two lay members of the Council:
Dame Ursula Brennan (to 31.7.2021)
Andrew Newell (to 31.7.2021)

One external member who shall have experience of supporting and advising Remuneration Committees and shall have extensive relevant reward related expertise (with effect from January 2019)

One Student member and one Staff member taken from the student and elected staff members of Council (with effect from January 2019)
Aaron Thompson (to 31.7.2019)
Zoe Wood (to 31.7.2021)

Advisor to the Committee:  Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

Secretary:      Dr Keith Lampard, Secretary to Council

Other Advisors:  other advisors will be invited to the Committee as the Committee determines is appropriate to the business it has under consideration.

The Vice-Chancellor and President will be invited to the Committee on matters relating to institutional performance and the individual performance of members of the Executive Group and/or as required by the Committee Chair.

Quorum:         3 members (and subject to the missing member(s) providing written comments on the proposals under consideration)

Frequency of meetings:  2 meetings per annum

2.         Terms of Reference

i)          to determine all aspects of the remuneration (base pay, performance-related payments and pensions) of the Vice-Chancellor and President, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and the Director of Finance, based on a consideration of performance against the objectives set each year.

ii)         to consider the appropriateness of current salary levels for that group, taking into account the size and scope of the role and by using salary survey information to benchmark against comparative roles in other institutions and in accordance with the provisions of Kent’s Senior Reward Policy (agreed in February 2017).

iii)        to determine any governance arrangements relating to senior staff;

iv)        to recommend to Council any severance arrangements for the Executive Group as defined from time to time by the funding council and in the context of the Senior Reward Policy;

v)         to oversee the decisions made by the University’s Salaries Committee for Professorial, Senior Management and Grade 10 staff with a view to ensuring that the Committee operates appropriately, in line with the University’s pay policies and objectives;

vi)        to maintain oversight of the University’s pay policies and practices and to ensure that these are fair, lawful and congruent with the University’s objectives;

vii)       to agree any major changes to the University’s pay policy or practice that will have significant effect on the workforce and/or financial implications;

The Committee will take into account the charitable status of the University and the need to ensure value for money for its stakeholders.

The Committee will obtain external, specialist advice on the appropriateness of salary levels of staff under its purview when necessary.

The Remuneration Committee has delegated responsibility for decision-making on these matters from Council.  A report of the Committee’s decisions is made to Council each year.

Note:  The Chair of Council will approve the decision of the Salaries Committee for Professorial, Senior Management and Grade 10 staff following any application for additional salary review made by the Secretary to Council.


The Committee has an agreed policy on Senior Reward.

 Approved by Council 23 March 2018

Updated 29 November 2018

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