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Multicultural Events Fund

Which cultural or religious events and festivals are important to you?

Kent has a rich and varied student community drawn from 145 nationalities and we would like to offer all of our students support to establish their own cultural events or national celebrations.

The Multicultural Events Fund has been established to enable University of Kent students to apply for a financial award of up to £500 to help run a multicultural event. Examples of past events that the University has supported include celebrations for Diwali, Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, Newroz, Holi, African Caribbean Spring Ball, African Evening Gala, Discover Islam, Japanese Cultural Festival and a Thai Festival.

Deadline for applications is the 15th day of every month.

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Am I eligible?

Any group of three or more University of Kent students or registered Kent student society may apply.

How do I apply?

Complete the online application form and tell us how an award from the Multicultural Events Fund would help you to run an event. We welcome collaborative applications from student groups or societies working together. Deadline for applications is the 15th day of every month. We will inform you of the outcome of your application by the following 1st day of the month. Your event must therefore take place after the 1st day of the following month.

Date of application You will be informed by: Your event must take place after:
16 December - 15 January 1 February 1 February
16 January - 15 February 1 March 1 March
16 February - 15 March 1 April 1 April
16 March - 15 April 1 May 1 May
16 April - 15 May 1 June 1 June
16 May - 15 June 1 July 1 July
16 June - 15 July 1 August 1 August
16 July - 15 August 1 September 1 September
16 August - 15 September 1 October 1 October
16 September - 15 October 1 November 1 November
16 October - 15 November 1 December 1 December
16 November - 15 December 1 January 1 January
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Selection Criteria

The Multicultural Events Fund Committee will review applications and make the award selections. The amount of the award will be final and may be all or part of the requested sum. No additional payments will be made from the fund to cover overspends. The committee will judge applications against the following criteria:

  • Events supported by the fund must celebrate a cultural or national occasion. This does not include fundraising events or events with a political affiliation.
  • Events supported by the fund must be held on the University's Canterbury or Medway campuses.
  • Events supported by the fund must be open to all Kent students regardless of race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Applications must demonstrate how the funding award will support the event. The application must detail the nature of the event and items used, for example fireworks, candles, any food preparation etc.
  • A detailed budget must be completed with a breakdown of how the funding award will be spent.
  • Any funded event must adhere to the University’s Health and Safety Policies at all times.
  • Applications must demonstrate how they will promote the event to all Kent students.

Awards will be allocated to the applicants who successfully demonstrate these criteria to the highest degree.

The committee reserve the right not to select a recipient if it is deemed that applications do not effectively meet the fund criteria.

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Terms & Conditions

If your application is successful, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You must submit an Event Planning Timeline within one week of selection, outlining the tasks involved in your planning and the dates you plan for these to be achieved.
  • You must complete the ad hoc events form online.
  • Proof must be supplied to show how the event has been promoted (copies of emails, posters, etc.)
  • Awards may not be used to buy alcohol or cover travel expenses.
  • Receipts detailing spending must be produced after the event.
  • A final report must be provided after the event, which may be used in University publications and on the University website. The report must include a self-evaluation (including a brief description of the event, its impact, and how it might have been improved), attendance figures, final budget, event photos and / or videos.

The committee reserve the right to withdraw all or part of the funds if it is deemed that these terms and conditions have not been met.

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