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Global Learning Online (GLO) initiative has been devised in order to complement existing options for exchange which encourage and facilitate students in studying overseas. Unlike traditional modes of study abroad, GLO introduces students at Kent and other international institutions to cross-cultural academic learning opportunities, through the medium of the internet and other ICT.


There are currently no GLO projects open for student application. However, please see below for examples of recent or ongoing projects taking place:

GLO with Tamagawa (Japan) - Culture

Autumn Term 2018-19: "The aim is to communicate and study online with students in Japan at Tamagawa University. The joint task involves students working together to identify​ cultural interests of university students in the UK, Japan and other nations."  

GLO with HKBU (Hong Kong) - Migration

Autumn/Spring term 2017-18: "An opportunity to communicate and study online with students in Hong Kong at Hong Kong Baptist University. The joint task involves students working together to identify ways in which migration has impacted on your local city and environment, considering both cultural and economic consequences and the different ways in which people are affected."

GLO with Kobe (Japan) - Migration

Autumn/Spring term 2017-18: "An opportunity to communicate and study online with students in Japan at Kobe University. Joint task options include discussing the impact of migration on Japan and European countries and strategies to improve situations for migrants and hosts OR investigating the benefits and risks of free trade, such as EPA, between Japan and the EU and relating themes"

How it works

GLO introduces you to cross-cultural learning via the Internet and other technology. Typically, the following internet and ICT tools are used:

  • Skype- for video discussion or meeting

  • Dropbox- for file sharing

  • Word and PowerPoint- for document creation and presentation building

  • Email or messaging apps- for discussing aspects of the task

Taking part in a GLO project gives you a chance to communicate and study online with students in other countries. You will work with them in small groups on a common task and produce a presentation at the end.

Setting up a GLO project

In order for a GLO project to be successful it is thought that the following features must be incorporated:

View GLO Project Features:

  • The project should involve an activity which is engaged with by a group of at least five Kent students who are following the same or similar programme of study
  • Counterpart students studying the same subject area, or with relevant shared interests, should be identified to participate at one of Kent’s existing partner institutions.
  • The task should be focused on a shared area of academic practice or interest pertaining to the participating students in both institutions.
  • The task should be jointly devised or approved by colleagues from both institutions.
  • The project should be devised and centred on a series of clearly devised learning outcomes which are demonstrated in the completion of a shared task, completed jointly by students, at least one from each institution.
  • The task should be structured with key stages and a fixed deadline.
  • Both groups will be guided by at least one University staff member at each institution.
  • A number of meetings should be held during the interaction according to a set framework.

If you are interested in learning more about GLO as a student or as one of our partner universities, please get in touch with us to find out what options are available:


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