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Zoe Hudson | Medieval & Early Modern Studies

Katy Upton Although I was able to self-fund my Master's degree, I knew I couldn't afford to do the same for a PhD and funding would be essential if I was to continue with my research. I was keen to apply for the Alumni scholarship in particular because of the emphasis on communication, networking and fundraising, which ties in closely with my previous professional experience in the museum sector; it is also a great match for my project which will be relevant to a range of institutions outside academia and would also be extremely appropriate for outreach work.

The funding will allow me to focus on producing the best possible research, without the distraction of working a part-time job outside the area of my studies, just in order to make ends meet! I also believe that now is the right time for my project; my research is concerned with the history of everyday life, which is a newly developing field, so I am especially glad to be able to do this research right now.

Without the funding I would have had to delay starting my PhD or start it part-time. This sort of delay could have resulted in my project being less relevant by the time I finished, especially since I am going to be using a manuscript which is currently unpublished and not yet widely studied, although I'm sure this will change!

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