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Katy Upton | Conservation

Katy Upton I felt incredibly privileged to be awarded the Alumni Postgraduate Research Scholarship in 2011. The scholarship has enabled me to pursue my dream of undertaking research on tropical frog species; looking at whether amphibians are a good biological indicator species, with the hope that this knowledge will enable conservationists to focus limited resources on the areas most in need of conservation efforts.

Through this funding I was able to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to travel to the Peruvian Amazon for six months to carry out field work for my research. I also attended the 2012 World Herpetological Congress where I was able to network within my academic field and share my fieldwork discoveries with other experts.

When I complete my PhD, I would like to continue undertaking amphibian research, as many species are declining on a global basis due to a number of different threats including habitat destruction and introduced diseases. Of the 6300 amphibian species know to science, 1856 are at risk of extinction! I want to continue working with these amazing and important species to help conserve them.

I am hugely thankful to the members of the Kent alumni community who have made this research possible through their kind donations to the Kent Opportunity Fund.

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