Giving to Kent

Alleviating hardship

Students are facing tougher financial pressures due to the increase in tuition fees and rise in living costs. Many students find it difficult to support themselves during their three or four year degrees, especially students from low-income families.

The Kent Opportunity Fund provides bursaries of between £500 and £1,000 to students who are struggling financially and need immediate help to finish their studies. When students are affected by personal tragedy, such as serious injury or a family bereavement, a bursary can help them get back on their feet.

Donate to the Kent Opportunity Fund today, and you will be offering a vital safety net to a student struggling financially.

At Kent Union we see first-hand the difficulties many students face every year to make it through their studies. Through no fault of their own, a surprising number of our students will have to cope with difficult and unexpected events, which will seriously impact on their life at university. The Hardship Fund offers a vital support mechanism for these students, ensuring they can access the funding they need to graduate with the qualification they deserve and have the ability to have a great student experience whilst at Kent. Kent Union is proud to work in partnership with the University to administer the Hardship Fund.

-- Aaron Thompson, Kent Union President 2018-19.

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Last Updated: 23/04/2018