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Telephone fundraising campaign 2016

In autumn 2016, a team of student fundraisers got dialling to speak to our alumni about their experiences and memories of Kent. Our student fundraisers play a hugely important part in keeping the University connected to our alumni worldwide, and promoting the broad range of projects that are only made possible with the help of our alumni via the Kent Opportunity Fund.

The Kent Opportunity Fund supports a broad range of scholarships, student projects to enhance extra-curricular activities at Kent, student sport and bursaries to support students experiencing financial hardship.

I wanted to get involved in the campaign as it’s an opportunity to help give back to the University which has given me so much in a short period of time. During my time in the campaign, I got the opportunity to speak to an alumnus who worked at Sky UK Limited. Not only did he donate towards the telephone campaign, but also offered to take the fundraising team on a trip to Sky studios. It goes to show that you never know what kind of opportunities will present themselves when you get involved.

Keith Donkor (Keynes College, 2012)


Karina Sirajkana, third year student at KentThey say that our fingerprints do not fade from the lives we touch. I wanted to get involved in the campaign to create an impact as it makes a huge difference in the lives of students and gives them the chance to fulfil their dreams. I really enjoyed being able to speak to our alumni about my passion for the University and to share my experiences with them. This role really promotes professionalism because you are taking a responsibility to encourage alumni to donate and support the University.

Karina Sirakjana (Third year student, BA Business Administration)

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