Big Finale Livestream

Big Finale Livestream

Catch up on our Big Finale Livestream, ending Kent Giving Week 2022 in style! 4 hours of jam packed content with something for everyone including celebrity appearances from Millie Knight and Gemma Hunt, demonstrations, interviews and some crazy challenges! 

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Big Finale Livestream

Catch up on the Big Finale Livestream ending Kent Giving Week 2022


12.00 - Livestream Starts

12.15 - Kent Giving Week Work Out

12.25 - Parkinson's Centre for Integrated Therapy with Prof. David Wilkinson

12.40 - Cutting-edge Neurostimulation Research and it's effect on Parkinson's

13.05 - The Life of a Paralympic Skier with Millie Knight

13.35 - Fundraise-off Challenge

13.45 - The Importance of Giving with Beth Breeze

14.00 - University of Kent Taskmaster

14.20 - Internationalisation at Kent with Anthony Manning

14.55 - The Future of Kent Union with Caroline Van Eldik and Zaid Mahmood

15.15 - Pirate's Story + Scavenger Hunt with Gemma Hunt (Gem from CBeebie's Swashbuckle)

15.35 - Netball Challenge

16.00 - Livestream Ends


Millie Knight

Millie Knight is a four times Paralympic Medalist in Alpine Skiing and two times World Champion, having also received an honorary doctorate at the University of Kent. She has recently won a Bronze Medal at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Games.

Gemma Hunt

Gemma has worked on CBBC and CBeebies channels presenting a wide variety of exciting shows. Gemma loves playing 'Gem' on the hit pirate game-show Swashbuckle on Cbeebies and now over 100 episodes have been filmed. She has presented a variety of TV shows and is now the ambassador for the Waterproofs and Wellies Foundation for the Outdoor Guide which has also seen her travel for Channel 5 show, Today at the Caravan Show from the NEC. 

Oliver Double

Oliver Double is Reader in Drama at the University of Kent, and the compere of Funny Rabbit Comedy Club at the Gulbenkian. In a former life he was a professional stand-up and comedy promoter, he’s written various things about comic performance, and set up the British Stand-Up Comedy Archive at the University. His latest book Alternative Comedy: 1979 and the Reinvention of British Stand-Up was published 2020. 

Dr. Beth Breeze

Beth Breeze is Director of the Global Challenges Doctoral Centre, based in the Graduate School, which is dedicated to doctoral research addressing the challenges of economic development and well-being faced by developing countries on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) list. Beth Breeze is also Director of the Centre for Philanthropy, which she co-founded in 2008. 

Daniel Anenou

Daniel is a second-year Drama & Film student as well as part of the Stand-Up Comedy Society with four gigs under his belt, and recently finished acting in a short film. 

Daniel Lambert

Daniel is a second year Drama and Theatre single honours student. He is also currently the treasurer of the UKC Stand-up Comedy Society.  When he is not busy with uni or work, he is usually gigging in and around the Canterbury area. 

Roy Clarke

Roy Clarke is a 19-year-old second year Drama & Theatre student, and proud member of the Stand-Up Comedy Society.

Hannah Etheridge

Hannah Etheridge is a second year Drama and Theatre student and likes to do stand-up comedy and eat copious amounts of baked goods.

Hannah Yarwood

Hannah Yarwood is a second year Drama and Theatre student! In her spare time she dabbles in stand-up comedy and does Disney princess parties (not at the same time…). Hannah is really looking forward to co-hosting this event with the amazing Olly Double! 

Ieshia Johnson-Loutin

Ieshia has loved poetry for years and started writing at 16. She has able to grow in confidence and perform in the last year. Ieshia has dyslexia and is not usually good with words so poetry has allowed her to navigate and direct them for her own good.  She hopes to further grow her passion in years to come. 

Sophie Harris

Sophie (they/she) is a published poet and a Christine and Ian Bolt Scholar studying MA American Literature and Culture at the University of Kent. Sophie’s work has featured in Sunday Mornings at the Rivers’ Spring 2022 Anthology titled Depression is what Really Killed the Dinosaurs. Their academic and creative research/work straddle similar themes of queerness and sex. Her academic focuses lay with contemporary emerging queer Indigenous poetry from across Turtle Island, with a focus on the presentation of sex and desire as a means of transcending trauma and enacting joy, whilst her poetry aims to capture the erotic and its place amidst heartache, blossoming love, and the body.

Denise Dalaba

 Denise DALABA goes as Sincerely Denyze for her poetry. She's an Economics student who enjoys poetry and has a poetry page on Instagram called Sincerely Denyze x. There she writes about her different experiences being a black woman and about her mental health experiences with the hope of bringing further awareness to social issues and injustices helping to encourage open conversations about mental health.