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Before you arrive

There's a lot to get organised before even you set foot on campus! The information on this page deals with key processes you need to complete to ensure a smooth and stress-free arrival, and how you can get in touch with other new students.

Keep checking your emails!

We'll be communicating regularly with you by email, so make sure you're checking your inbox frequently.

Get your documents organised

It's never too early to start preparing - you don't want to get here and discover you've left your ID at home. Read our Documents you need to bring guide.

Online enrolment

Note: If you enrolled before 25 July 2019 you may have received a completion receipt email showing the Arrivals Weekend dates as 14 and 15 September 2020. Please note this was incorrect. To confirm, Arrivals Weekend is taking place on 14 and 15 September 2019.

Online enrolment is an essential step to becoming a University of Kent student. Once your place is confirmed, we'll let you know by email when you can enrol. Enrolment is usually available from 1 August and it's important you complete it as soon as possible.

As part of the process you will be asked to confirm your personal details, the details of your course and how your tuition fees will be funded and upload a photograph for your KentOne card (your student ID). You'll also be asked to agree to the University's regulations and confirm you have read the University's Privacy Notice so you should make sure you fully understand what this means. 

Access my enrolment page

Your Kent IT Account

You can only activate your Kent IT account if it’s been three working days since you enrolled. You should receive an email when it’s ready to be activated or you can do it here. The email will not contain any links or attachments for security reasons.

Activate my Kent IT Account

Set up Kent Wi-Fi

To make life easier once you get here, get Wi-Fi-ready before you arrive. You don't need to be in range of our signal - the setup process is much easier if done before you arrive, especially for laptops (or for any devices that rely on Wi-Fi). So don’t wait - click the link below from your laptop, tablet and phone. 

Set up Kent Wi-Fi

Your accommodation

Offers of University accommodation, including Clearing accommodation, will be sent out by email from 15 August 2019. We hope to have sent out most offers by 1 September 2019.

Need to make a change to your accommodation application?

You can make changes to your accommodation choices via your accommodation account with no penalty until the 31 July deadline.

Need accommodation? Apply before 31 July

Bring a cable!

Bring a network/Ethernet cable so you can use the wired internet in your bedroom as well as Wi-Fi. Wired internet is fast and reliable as there's no risk of interference.

Check your tech

Before you start packing, check that your technology meets our connection requirements. For example if your printer or smart device (TV, speaker, streaming device) relies on Wi-Fi, it won’t work (unless it also has an Ethernet port/wired internet capability). 

What tech to bring (and what to leave at home!)

Your fees

You will need to arrange payment for your tuition and accommodation fees.

Tuition fees: Pay the whole year in full or set up an instalment plan

Accommodation fees (Canterbury): Pay the whole year in full or set up an instalment plan

Accommodation fees (Medway): Pay Liberty Living directly; please do not send payments to the University

Find out how and when to pay your fees

Your modules

Open from Monday 19 August 2019. This is only applicable if you're a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught student.

New undergraduates: Choose/review your modules

New postgraduates: Open from Monday 9 September 2019. Online Module Registration is only open to postgraduate students in the following schools: 

  • English
  • Engineering and Digital Arts
  • Politics and International Relations 
  • Psychology. 

Choose/review your modules. All other students will be contacted by their school upon their arrival.

Module resources

Even once you’ve chosen your modules, don’t buy any subject books or resources until you’ve been told to do so by your School or lecturer. If the lecturer thinks you need your own copy of a book, they will tell you. 

Most other resources you will need should be well stocked in the University's libraries Modules are updated each year and essential texts may change so wait for your 2019-2020 reading list.

Visas and immigration

Do you need a visa?

If you are travelling to the UK to take a programme of study for more than six months and you are a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or a Swiss national you do not need to seek entry clearance.

If your course is longer than six months and you  are not an EEA citizen or Swiss national, then you need to have a Tier 4 student visa.

In order to avoid delays to your visa being granted, it is essential that you prepare well in advance. Visit our Student Immigration site for more detailed information. 

Watch our guide to applying for your Tier 4 visa

eGates update

With effect from Monday 20 May 2019, travellers from the following countries will be able to use eGates: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the USA. 

Read more

Register to vote!

Your vote matters! If you're not registered then you can't vote in the different elections that take place in the UK.

Find out more and register

Find out about your students’ union

Kent Union is your students’ union and they are with you every step of your university experience; from the minute you arrive on campus and are greeted by a Welcome Helper, through to when you graduate! 

Kent Union, and GK Unions at Medway, will be hosting lots of welcome events including the Welcome Fairs and Freshers’ Ball so be sure to pick up your Freshers’ pack and events guide.

Say hello!

Feeling a bit nervous and apprehensive about starting uni? Getting in touch with other new students (who are probably feeling the same way as you) can help settle those nerves and help you start to get to know people before you arrive.

Student groups

Undergraduates: Join our official Facebook group, Kent Freshers' 2019 - you may end up chatting to the people you'll be living with, or who may be on your course. We're also on Instagram and Twitter

Postgraduates: Join the Kent Graduate Student Association on Facebook 

Find your college

Once you arrive at Kent, you'll be assigned to a college. Each college has a Student Committee made up of students who are nominated by fellow college students each year. They are not only responsible for arranging social events, but play a key role in student welfare.

Buddy scheme

Excited about starting at Kent but wish you had someone to show you the ropes? Our buddy scheme could be just what you need. It's run by the students' union and matches you with a current student based on preferences such as your course, interests, hobbies and language. 

Your buddy can help you settle in, recommend places to go, events to attend or societies to join. The more you tell us about your likes and dislikes, the better we can find you a great buddy! Apply to have a buddy


We want to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Our interactive e-learning module, Expect Respect@kent, introduces the Student Charter, Dignity at Study Policy and includes other information about the support available to you.

Complete the ExpectRespect@kent module
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