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For the most common student finance questions about fees, funding and accommodation costs, please see below.

Accommodation fees

How do I pay?

The fastest and most convenient method of payment is online at

For details of other payment methods accepted by the University, visit our Making Payments page.

Students living in Liberty Quays accommodation should contact Liberty Living directly.

Accommodation – instalments of how much and when?

Payment is due at the start of each term/quarter (depending upon whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student). This information and the amounts payable are detailed in the online room agreement that you have signed up to with the Accommodation Office.

You will NOT be invoiced for accommodation. Your room agreement acts as the invoice.

Undergraduate students in self catering accommodation need to pay within the first two weeks of term, although the licence will have the first date of the period.

Postgraduate students need to pay in the first two weeks of the quarter.

Can I pay my accommodation at any other times?

No. If you feel that you have special circumstances (i.e. receiving a stipend from your sponsor/research studentship) you must have any special arrangements authorised by a member of the Income Office staff.

Can I pay my accommodation fees at registration?

Yes. There will be staff located in the Main Sports Hall at the Sports Centre during Registration Weekend to take card payments. Alternatively, to avoid the queues, you can pay online at

Will I be charged supplements if I don't pay?

If the accommodation payment is not received by the second Friday of the term/quarter a surcharge of 1.5% of the outstanding balance will be charged. If payment is not received in the next two weeks a further supplement of 1.5% of any outstanding balance will be charged and will continue on a monthly basis thereafter.

What do I do if I cannot afford to pay my accommodation?

Please email the Income Office with details as to WHY you cannot pay on time and WHEN you will be able to pay.

If you are a home fee paying student suffering from financial difficulties or funding delays, you should also contact the Financial Aid Office, or visit them in room G43, The Registry.

If the SLC is paying for my accommodation/tuition fees, but I haven't had formal confirmation yet, what can I do?

If you have applied, and been successful in receiving support, the University will be advised directly by The Student Loans Company. The tuition fees are paid directly to the University, in instalments.

Please note that accommodation fees may be funded through a student Maintenance Loan/Grant, but this is paid directly to your bank account, and then you are to arrange the accommodation payment to the University. This can be done online at

If you have not had formal confirmation of your funding and/or your funding is going to be delayed, you should contact the Financial Aid Office for advice. They can be found in G43, The Registry. Students based at Medway should contact the Medway Finance Office in the Medway Building.



We hope that you will have found all the information you need, here and on the rest of our website, however, if you are still having problems finding an answer, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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