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Innovation in Academia Awards 2018 for Europe and North America

The Europe awards will be presented at a ceremony in Rome on Wednesday 4 April - register online. We will recognise the achievements of our North American winners during our Kent in LA weekend.

2018 winners

Winners of the Innovation in Academia Awards in Europe and North America

Profile of Till Roenneberg

Overall award - Europe: Till Roenneberg

Professor at the Institute of Medical Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilian University. His research focus is chronobiology, with a particular emphasis on the impact of light on circadian rhythms, and 'social jetlag' in humans - that work or school schedules are often very different from the biological timing of an individual's circadian clock.

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Overall award - North America: Barbara Perry

Professor in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). She is a global hate crime expert and a leading author who 'cultivates a society of education and victim support'.

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Profile of Alf Hornborg

Award for Arts and Culture - Europe: Alf Hornborg

Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University. His primary research interest is the cultural and political dimensions of human-environmental relations in past and present societies, particularly from the perspective of world-system analysis.

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Award for Science and Business - Europe: Matthias Heinemann

Professor of Molecular Systems Biology at the University of Grongingen. He leads a research programme which aims to generate a system-level understanding of (microbial) metabolism, for which he uses budding yeast as a model. Part of this endeavour is also to unravel the metabolic changes during aging.

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Profile of Sophie de Schaepdrijver

Award for Arts and Culture - North America: Sophie de Schaepdrijver

Professor of History (Modern Europe) at Pennsylvania State University. A social and cultural historian of modern Europe with an interest in the First World War, civilian experiences of war, war and memory, urban history, and the middle classes.

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Award for Science and Business - North America: Dimitris Bertsimas

Boeing Professor of Operations Research, Sloan School of Management, MIT. A faculty member at MIT since 1988, his research interests include optimisation, stochastic systems, machine learning, and their application. In recent years, he has worked in robust optimization, statistics, healthcare, transportation and finance.

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Dr Paul Thompson

It's a really special award. It looks at different collaborations that are going on around the world, particularly partnerships betwen the UK and other countries. I'm very honoured to receive it.

Paul Thompson 2015 overall winner Read more about the 2015 awards

Innovation in Academia

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Created to celebrate academic creativity and innovation, the Awards recognise those who have studied in Europe and whose professional accomplishments have made a significant and lasting impact in the field of higher education in Europe or North America.

For more information, or if you would like to attend the awards ceremonies, please email

In 2017, the winners were:
North America - Dr Philip Kotler
Europe - Professor Dimitris Christopoulos

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Pictured, Professor Andreas Pinkwart, winner of the Innovation in Academia Award for Science and Business in 2017.

Professor Andreas Pinkwart