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Innovation in Academia Awards 2018 for Europe and North America


2018 winners - North America

Barbara Perry

Professor Perry has demonstrated a strong commitment to progressing academic, societal and political developments around hate crime. This has included giving voice to victims, particularly those marginalised.

Barbara Perry - University of Ontario Overall award - North America

2018 winners - Europe

Till Roenneberg

Till Roenneberg is a leading researcher of chronobiology, or biological rhythms, in the rapidly expanding field of sleep science. He has unlocked the secret to how our unique internal clocks affect how and when we sleep.

Till Roenneberg - Ludwig-Maximilian University Overall award - Europe

The awards will be presented at ceremonies in Rome on Wednesday 4 April and LA on Friday 27 April.

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Innovation in Academia

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Created to celebrate academic creativity and innovation, the Awards recognise those who have studied in Europe and whose professional accomplishments have made a significant and lasting impact in the field of higher education in Europe or North America.

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In 2017, the winners were:
North America - Dr Philip Kotler
Europe - Professor Dimitris Christopoulos

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Pictured, Professor Andreas Pinkwart, winner of the Innovation in Academia Award for Science and Business in 2017.

Professor Andreas Pinkwart