Charity Moot - Lecturers v Practitioners

Help raise money for Prostate Cancer UK and Kent Law School's Student Outdoor Clerking Scheme
Come and watch the battle of the year as two Kent Law School lecturers take on two of Kent’s finest legal professionals in a friendly head-to-head moot. The entrance fee is just £5. The profits raised will be divided between the Kent Law Society’s charity of the year (Prostate Cancer UK) and the funding of Kent’s Student Outdoor Clerking Team.

What is a Moot?

A moot is a mock judicial proceeding (in this case we are pretending we are in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division)) set up to examine a hypothetical case.  The ‘mooters will seek to persuade the bench of three judges (in this case made up principally of experienced students), that the case should be decided in their favour.

How this Charity Moot will work?

Your £5 will be split between Prostate Cancer UK and The Student Outdoor Scheme (SOCS).  SOCS is a scheme where Kent Law School students can attend court as a representative of a law firm and sit behind the advocate and assist by taking notes and helping with the client in conferences.  It is a unique experience that students volunteer for and undertake unpaid.  The money raised from this event will help go towards our student’s travel to Maidstone Crown Court, where most of our cases take place.   

On arrival you will be given a free raffle ticket.  You will be asked to indicate whether you think the Appellant or the Respondent will win.  Only the winning side’s raffle tickets will be selected for the prizes.  You will have additional opportunities on the day to buy more raffle tickets (cash only). Please note that the raffle is incidental to the charity moot and that you must be in attendance to receive a raffle ticket to stand a chance of winning any prizes. 

A BIG Thank you 

A huge thank you to our supporters Boys & Maughan Solicitors and Stour Chambers as well as all the other firms, practitioners and judges who have donated towards providing the prizes for this event.  Prizes range from career experience opportunities to bottles of wine.  Also, an even bigger THANK YOU to the participants who are giving up their time to show everyone how to moot!

Booking details

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