Instaurations: John Leland & the Progress of the Renaissance in England

Dr David Rundle, University of Kent
It is often said that the Renaissance came late to England. In this exciting event Dr David Rundle will argue that this is not the case, for some unexpected reasons.

The Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies is delighted to be hosting this intriguing seminar. Dr David Rundle, Lecturer in the School of History, will challenge perceptions of England's participation in the Renaissance.

We will investigate by moving out from the Latin poems of the English antiquary, John Leland (d. 1552), who celebrated the instauratio — the re-establishment or rebirth — of learning in England alongside elsewhere in Europe. Our discussion will range across art-forms: not just Latin literature but writing in the vernacular too, as well as calligraphy, painting — and tight-rope walking. We will also find that we need to attend to what is not said as much as what is, and we must be wary of misdirection.

All with an interest in Latin poetry, English history and the Renaissance are warmly encouraged to attend. This seminar will take place both in person and online. 

Booking details

This seminar will take place in person in Darwin Lecture Theatre 1. It will also be streamed online on Zoom. For the livestream link, please register here: