Diverse experiences welcome!

Coming to University can be daunting, but all our students are offered the support they need to excel, whatever their educational background or personal circumstances.

In fact, we are proud that our students bring a wide range of experiences with them, and we’ve invited you to be a member of our community precisely because we want you to bring your experience with you! Some of you may feel more confident from having GCSEs or A levels in subjects related to Classics and Archaeology. But if you don’t have these, rest assured that you are at no disadvantage; many of your lecturers started their undergraduate degrees knowing little about the ancient world too. Studying at university level is more in-depth, nuanced, and engaged with current research than what is taught at any school or college. It is a new challenge for everyone, and knowing that, we help everyone to adapt and succeed.

Finally, it is important to recognise that your academic subject is itself taught with diversity in mind. We take a broad view of the ancient world, not only across time but also geographically and socially. Ancient Greece and Rome interacted with many cultures around the Mediterranean and beyond—and were ethnically diverse themselves. Studying that world means discussing ethnicity, as well as gender, sex, class, and religion. Moreover, we aim to bring diverse voices from around the world into our teaching, which in turn, prompts us to consider our own world and society, and perhaps to gain unique insights. This is just one of the ways that your degree prepares you to face contemporary challenges.

Getting Support

The University of Kent has a range of initiatives designed to ensure that all students are equal and included, especially those who belong to marginalized groups. Support comes from every level.

Academic Advisers

Soon after you begin your studies, you will be assigned an Academic Adviser who will remain a point of contact throughout your time at Kent and can offer general advice and help. Look at the Student Degree Map in preparation for your meeting with them.

Student Support Team

This excellent team can advise you about any factors outside your control that affects your studies (such as ongoing illness, or family difficulties). Get in touch: artshumssupport@kent.ac.uk.


Students requiring extra assistance due to an on-going condition or disability can have an Inclusive Learning Plan. This is simply a confidential written summary of their needs (such as extra time in exams)—without saying why—for all of their teachers to access.


The University’s Student Success Project promotes equality and runs several kinds of event to inform and benefit students.


Kent Union has societies for all kinds of interests. Many support people of a particular country of origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


The Decolonizing the Curriculum Project (DtCP) was a group of proactive students devoted to advancing EDI in a range of university activities.


The University provides financial support for different profiles.

Mental Health

Being at University can be very stressful, particularly with Covid-19. The University provides advice and help.

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