Student Parking

Parking permit applications - before an application can be completed you must be fully registered FOR THE NEW ACADEMIC YEAR. You must also update BOTH your home and term-time address through the SDS. Please allow 24 hours after updating the SDS before applying for your permit.

All permits are valid from 1 October to 30 September (henceforward referred to as a "transport year").Transport & Parking in the Estates Department administers and issues the permits. Parking is enforced by Campus Watch. Parking is limited and permit holders cannot be guaranteed a parking space.

To be eligable to apply for a permit a student must not be resident on campus or living within the respective Canterbury or Medway exclusion zones

Before applying please ensure you have read the Regulations for the Management of Traffic at the University of Kent for Staff, Students and Other Persons[13] (henceforward referred to as the "UoK Traffic Regulations") and are aware of the list of infringements[14].

Students should note that periodic checks are carried out to ensure that the information supplied for successful applications is correct and circumstances have not changed. Where the information is found to be incorrect the parking permit will be revoked and appropriate action initiated.


You are not eligable to apply for a permit if you reside within the Canterbury exclusion zone which consists of the following postcode areas CT1 1**, CT1 2**, CT1 3**, CT2 7** & CT2 8** (unless you have a medical condition or exceptional circumstance which neccesitates a Permit to Park)

Permit Type



Blue Zone Annual Permit
Allows permit holders to park in blue zone car parks only


£20.00 within a transport year*



Temporary Permit
For persons who want to use the car parks for a period of time during the transport year. Allows staff permit holders to park in blue zone car parks only


£4.per month*


Print application form

Occasional User Permit (OUP/Scratchcard)
Available to eligible students who need to use a car park a few times in within the transport year. It is ideal for students that only attend campus on an occasional basis. These will be issued for blue zone parking


50p per day

to be paid on collection


Print application form

Motorcycle Bay Permit

Motorcycle parking is available in the designated motorcycle bays only, for students who do not reside on campus or within the exclusion zone








Car Share (5hare)
This permit allows a team of car sharers who are travelling together full time to share the cost of a permit to park. Please see the car share guidelines for further information.
If you wish to find someone to car share with please look at the University car share database


£20. Per car share team



Print application form

Government Blue Badge Holders
Government Blue Badge Holders can use all bays in all pink & blue zone car parks as well as accessible bays in any car park with the exception of reserved bays.





Medical Reason (students who reside on campus or within the exclusion zone)
If you have a medical condition that necessitates the use of the car please complete the application form and take it to the University Medical Centre. They will review your application and advise Transport & Parking, Estates Dept, if and what type of permit is to should be issued, if applicable we will contact you once a decision has been made.

applied in accordance with annual, temporary or OUP permit prices




Print application form

Exceptional Circumstances (students who reside on campus or within the exclusion zone)
If you have exceptional circumstances that require you to have a permit then please print and submit the completed application form. Postgraduate applications will need to be endorsed by the Head of Department.
Before submitting your application check that all sections have been completed, it has been signed in the appropriate places and all supporting evidence requested is enclosed.
The Parking Panel will consider your application and you will be advised accordngly if you are entitiled to a permit to park.



applied in accordance with annual, temporary or OUP permit prices


Print postgraduate application form


Print undergraduate application form

Payment for the parking permit will be invoiced directly to your student account. Associate College and Access students are required to pay by cash or cheque made payable to UNIKENT on collection of their permit.