Using your telephone

The University switchboard is attended from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. It is closed at all other times including the public holiday week-ends at Easter, late summer and New Year, and during the Christmas vacation. However, the internal telephone service and DDI facilities remain operational throughout.


Please report faults to the Telephone Exchange using the fault report form.

New extensions and DDI facilities

Requests for DDI, additional extensions, or alterations to existing ones, should be submitted to your school or department cost code manager. The request should then be sent to using the appropriate form on the telephone services web page.

Voice mail

To request a voice mail account,please complete the Request for voicemail account form on the telephone services web page.

Call facilities

User guides for different types of telephones can be found on the telephone services web page.

Private calls

Dial **444# then dial 9 for an outside line.

Making a call

  • To make an internal call - dial the extension number.
  • To make an outside call - dial 9 and then the number you require or dial a speedcall number or dial *0 to redial the last number.
  • To call the operator - dial 0.
  • To use callback (when the extension does not answer or is busy) - dial 6 and replace your handset. You will be called back.
  • To cancel call back - dial #1.

Transferring a call

  • Diversion of all calls (follow me) - dial *8 followed by the number to which calls will be forwarded.
  • Diversion of all calls (I'm here) - dial **8 followed by the number from which the call will be forwarded.
  • Diversion on busy (internal) - dial 61.
  • Diversion on busy (external) - dial 62.
  • Diversion on no reply (internal) - dial 65.
  • Diversion on no reply (external) - dial 66.
  • To divert a call to voice mail if you do not reply - dial 657788 or 667788.
  • To divert straight to voice mail - dial *8 7788.
  • To cancel a single diversion - dial the same diversion code or #8 for follow me.
  • To cancel all diversions - dial #6.

Intercepting an unanswered call

  • To answer any ringing extension - dial **6 followed by the number of the ringing extension.
  • To answer a ringing extension that is in your pick-up group - dial *6.

Setting up a conference

Dial the first number then when the call is answered, press recall. Dial the next number, press recall and then dial the conference code - *4. You now have a three-party conference. Repeat the press recall, dial number, press recall and dial conference code sequence for each new member.

Holding a call (with handset replaced)

  • To hold a call - press recall and dial *7.
  • To retrieve the held call from your extension - lift the handset and dial *1.
  • To retrieve the held call from another extension - dial **1 followed by your extension number.

Other facilities

  • Camp-on (when the extension is busy) - dial 3 but do not replace the handset. You will be connected when the extension is free.
  • Camp-on cancel - replace the handset.
  • Do not disturb - dial *5.
  • Do not disturb cancel - dial #5.

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