Keynes Extension

Keynes Extension elevation

The proposed development is sited on an area centrally located on the campus to the immediate west of Keynes College. This is currently used as a car park and informal sports and recreation field. The project includes accommodation for 495 undergraduate students with associated kitchen, laundry and management facilities. An extension of existing catering facilities at Dolche Vita is also proposed.

In detail, the proposed site development is broken down as follows:

  • 344 standard ensuite single study bedrooms
  • 96 standard ensuite double study bedrooms
  • 45 town house study bedrooms
  • 6 town house one bed flats
  • 4 accessible study bedrooms

A central FM hub building, bin area and cycle storage is also provided.


The key drivers in the landscape strategy are the need to retain existing trees, ecological consideration, continuity of style with the existing campus, and the resolution of level changes. The principal landscape elements are as follows:

  • West Meadow - the western edge of the development is designed to interface both with the future Innovation Park and the existing open space in the short term.
  • New Courts - existing trees will be retained where possible and subject to selected tree surgery to resolve any safety issues Grass areas will have some degree of ground modification to produce smooth planes of grass and slopes to adjacent paths. These slopes will deter short-cutting by pedestrians. Paths will use good quality porous paving.

Car park and access

Keynes College has two car park areas. The main car park has access to the east from University Road. A smaller secondary car park is situated to the north-west, accessed from Giles Lane. Both car parks have been slightly reconfigured with the proposed development, resulting in a net loss of 23 spaces. Generally, vehicle access to the residential accommodation will be prohibited.

The principal pedestrian access between the existing College and the extension will be via South Court and the existing block to the west. Access to West Court in the existing college buildings would be from the south side of the court.

The development includes provision for bicycles, with storage for an additional 104.


Delivery access for both the residential reception hub and catering is to the east of the new development, which utilises the current delivery access.


Keynes College contains well-established routes through its buildings and courtyards. The new development extends the principles already established, by creating a series of courtyards and inter-linked paths giving open, well-observed access across the site, and giving a sense of spatial ownership to the students.


The energy strategy for Keynes College will take a three-stage approach to reducing the building's carbon emissions:

  1. Reducing the building's energy requirements by incorporating passive design measures
  2. Reducing the building's energy consumption through the use of energy efficient mechanical and electrical engineering systems
  3. Reducing the building's carbon dioxide emissions through the use of low and zero carbon (LZC) energy systems