On-site Contractor Notification for non parking permit holders

Please complete the form below to confirm your on-site attendance.


Please note that contractor permits are not valid in the Giles Lane car park.

Personal details
  • Enter your pin & then select your company name from this list (if you've signed in before) for faster sign-in.

  • It's essential all contractors sign in and obtain an ID pass for our fire register. Please ensure all of your passengers sign in using the 'I need an ID pass' form.

Vehicle & Visit details
  • Please Note - Even if you apply for a 'End of the Week Permit' you must sign in and out every day in the Security / Transport Reception
Terms & conditions

    Contractor Terms & Conditions

    By submitting this form as a contractor, you are agreeing to the following;

    You accept responsibility for carrying out the work specified and no other work will be undertaken.
    You will wear your contractor ID pass at all times and will retain possession of any Permits to Work issued.
    Declare work will be completed and the work area will be left in a clean and tidy condition.

    Abide by the University's Traffic Regulations if using or parking a vehicle on campus. (A copy of these regulations can be provided on request)

    Vehicle permits are issued in accordance with these regulations.

    Failure to comply may result in a Parking Charge Notice being issued.

    Agree to return any Permits To Work issued and sign off campus before leaving site.
    Will ensure that you comply with the conditions outlined below
    If you have a 'Manual contractor' permit and are found not to need regular access to your vehicle for tools and heavy equipment, you man be issued with a Parking Charge notice.



    Contractor must comply with all relevant Health & Safety Law and Company Health and Safety Rules and provide copies of the Method Statement and Risk Assessment on request. Faulty tools and equipment must not be brought onto site.
    All persons under your control shall be competent to undertake their works safely. Suitable personal protective equipment shall be worn when necessary and must be properly maintained
    A Safe System of Work shall be agreed with your contact before any work commences and may not be changed without prior permission. 110V CTE electrical tools are preferred. If 240V tools are used, they must be double-insulated and RCD-protected. All extension leads must be properly terminated with the appropriate plugs/ sockets and be otherwise unjointed.
    Contractors are responsible for making sure that all persons under their control know the premises and the location of the appropriate type of portable fire appliance nearest to their work area. All portable and transportable electrical equipment, pressure systems and climbing safety equipment shall be within their current safety certification period.
    The normal means of escape must not be obstructed without prior permission from your contact, who will make temporary alternative arrangements. Contractors must check the University's Asbestos Register prior to commencement of any works.


    HEALTH & SAFETY - All Visitors are subject to the Health & Safety at Work etc Act and other statutory provisions. Any injury, near miss etc should be reported to your host or Campus Security.

    SMOKING - No smoking inside a building or within 5 meters of any building is permitted.

    VEHICLES - University Regulations apply, refer to the Permit to Park and the Terms and Conditions you have agreed to (stated above) for details of where you can park.

    FIRE & EMERGENCY - If the fire alarm sounds, leave by the nearest exit and go to the assebly point (as advertised on the fire notices).

    IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY DIAL (01227) (82) 3333


    Tick the checkbox to confirm you have read and will abide by the terms and conditions and regulations stated above.



    Tick the checkbox to confirm you have received and understood the Estates Department's 'Code of Safe Working Practice' for Contractors.

  • Enter your email address if you would like to receive a copy of your sign in form and if you would like to be able to sign off-site remotely.


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