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Opportunities for undergraduates, postgraduates and staff exist to develop enterprise skills and business ideas at the University.

Credited wild modules for undergraduates, masters and diplomas for postgraduates and opportunities for staff are all available.

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Enterprise modules, run by Kent Business School, with a credit value of 15 credits are open to all students with capacity to choose a wild card selection in their degree programme.

CB612 New Enterprise Development
This module is designed to provide students across the university with access to knowledge, skill development and training in the field of entrepreneurship with a special emphasis on developing a business plan in order to exploit identified opportunities.

CB613 Entrepreneurship
This module facilitates the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set, and equips students with necessary cutting-edge knowledge and skills vital for generating value in a knowledge based economy.

Other modules that look at business and enterprise include:

EL671 Product Development
Only available to students on programmes owned by The School of Engineering and Digital Arts. Learning outcomes include: (1) Product design and production technology: specification, design and manufacturing considerations for electronic products. (2) Electromagnetic compatibility: EMC requirements, test methods and the European EMC Directive. (3) Project management and systems engineering: basic management principles and tools for large scale engineering programmes, including product safety management. (4) Financial Management: the importance of financial markets and principles of corporate financial management.



CB887 Entrepreneurship
An elective module available as part of the the MBA. This module seeks to explore the emergence and development of the discourse of enterprise and entrepreneurship over the past three decades and its impact on entrepreneurial behaviour. Developing an understanding of the enterprise discourse, provides individuals with access to a range of entrepreneurial resources which individuals/teams can draw on when setting up a business or working within large public and private organisations.


Student consultancies

Students can also gain experience through the University student led consultancies such as:

Kent IT Clinic

Kent Law Clinic

The Digital Media Hub

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